Saturday, November 29, 2008

Japanese restaurant

WE went out to eat last night with all 3 kids and my Dad to a Japanese restaurant. The children had never been to one before. You sit at a big table and the chef cooks your food right in front of you doing lots of tricks with knives spatulas and many fun food trick like throwing food in the air. The chef will also throw food at you to try to catch in your mouth. The kids had fun trying. He threw it at me a few times but I had no skill! I will blame that on the baby sitting next to me , I was being over cautious so it didn't hit him. (well at least that's the story I'm sticking too!) I have successfully caught it before in my mouth, really I have, the first time I was there I got it on the first try.

The kids dd have LOTS of fun though it's my 8 yr olds new favorite restaurant. The 2 yr old (yummy left over for me though) didn't eat much dinner but she did like the soup and salad. She was rather comical through the whole evening she got such a charge out of all the tricks. I definitely want to take the kids back again so I can watch thier amused faces, even the baby was mesmerized by the chef

Monday, November 17, 2008

No, there are poo poos up there!

So I just had to share....
I had just fallen asleep in bed when my 2 year old came running down the hall torward my bedroom giggling ( she had been in bed sleeping since 7pm) and jumped ito my bed with a big smile on her face saying "Go sleep in Mommy's bed, Theres poo poos in room way up there" and then she starts to giggle again. My husband comes in from the other room to see whats going on. She must have had a super silly dream because she thought there was poop on her ceiling fan! She has never got out of bed at night before it was just so funny she was just so happy and giggling about the poo poos up there!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Car seat Saftey

So many people ask my why I DO NOT forward face my child after is has reached the 1 yr and 20 lbs mark watch this and find out why it is safter to Rear face for as long as you child seat allows. I would rather my child have a broken leg that can be fixed than a broken neck that cannot!~

Let see if I can get this video to work (fingers crossed)X