Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another House post.

I guess this house is now my full time job. Forget that I actually need to homeschool my kids and run the house we are living in and my husband needs to run our business. Well, we better get used to it because as soon as it is fixed up and full of growing food and animals it will be my full time job. 

Welcome to our new life!

I spend my whole day at the house with the kids trying to get it ready enough to live in. Painting, scrubbing, removing lots of stuff. Sure, I would love to get it all fixed up before we move in but paying 2 mortgages in not so fun so we are racing against the clock. So this house will be a work in progress for about a year. Do not expect some big house warming party. Where my house looks like a showroom and everything is put away and neatly stacked. It will be a mess, a joyful "Yay I have 15 acres and room to breathe mess."
 The boys room is now green ( they want a deep woods theme, forget the fact that right outside their window we have woods)
The girls room a mermaid dream blue ( for an ocean them)

Flooring for the new rooms and the East Wing!

I think I want the kitchen blue or green, while deciding on my colors I look down and see 2 bags I brought over and they are blue and green as well, I guess I like those colors. I really wanted yellow but Papa bird said  NO!

This is the color I am trying to match. I really like this color in this room.Hopefully mine will look just as good.

I am leaning toward the darker one on the left.

Nature spottings so far:
Stick bugs
American toads
Yellow jackets
A dead mouse
Sassafrass trees 

My house wish list:
Low light plants
Crystals to hang in windows
Windchimes, lots of them to hang everywhere on our very large eves around the house.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Holy Crap, we bought a house!!!

We did not intend on buying a house at this moment but just happened to come across a property up for auction. It looked interesting so not having ever been to a house auction we dropped off the older kids at Grandmas and headed off to the house auction with our bank letter, checkbook and baby on my chest and bought a house.

It was rather shocking and intense because in just a matter if 6 minutes we agreed to purchase this house.and won the auction. I totally cried! I just stood behind my husband and let him to the bidding I had no idea what I did or did not want to pay for this house so I just let him go at it!

This house needs work, we knew in order to get a nice big chunk of land we would need to fix it up.

I am not in love with the house, but I am in love with the land.

29 days later here we are keys in hand!

Gate Entrance to house

 Horses across the road
 Total 1970s entryway. I love the colored glass. Really digging the metallic  wallpaper too!
 Rec Room
 The exact spot I stood during the aucrtion right next to Irma our mystery (ghost) neighbor!
 Main Bathroom
 Eat in Kitchen
 Living room with wood burning stove
 Master bed
 Master bath
 Boys room
 girls room
 30 foot hallway lined with bookshelves  (Bibles withcraft, Edgar Caycee and 1970s Harlequin romance novels)  interesting mix!
 View from front door
 A trail  back to the bunker on the South side of our land
 Owl catching toads!
The pond.

There ya have it, stay tuned for all the before and after photos to come in the next month.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Flowers and Celts.

A quick entry on what we are currently working on. We have a lot going on right now and just not a lot of time to blog about it.

Science : Flowers

 Owl stopping to sniff a flower on our nature walk to find flowers in our area.
 Owl is always my nature spotter, he found a pill bug friend.

 I did not know we could grow flowers that big in our state.
 Sketching the root system of a weed.
 A big nest we found when out geocaching
 A cache we found hidden in a tree. You could not see it was in there, you had to feel around inside to find it. "adventueres take risks" said Robin as she asked our friend Peggy to reach her hand in to feel around. I blindly shot this by placing my camera in the tree in the direction if the cache. It was just big enough to fit my hand and a small camera.

History: Celts
 Cutting up purple cabbage to make blue dye to paint our faces like celtic warroirs.
 Some of our Celtic daggers
Robin has been enjoying listening to Enya : The Celts when going to sleep at night.

 Mystic  our mouser cat enjoying some breakfast. 

The Borrowers *MENSA book list *

This was not my favorite book,  I wanted to love it I just did not.  Who doesn't love a story of tiny sized people living in your house. I just could not get into this book. The children found this book a bit harder to follow since it was not written in what we call proper grammar in today's present time.

Robin and Falcon took turns reading this aloud most days. I read it some days out loud while we sat in the living room folding laundry.

A favorite memory of this book was reading through 4 chapters outside in the light rain while the kids  were sitting in the tree house and swinging.

I asked the kids to draw what they thought a Borrower would look like. They were told to estimate  how big 2 inches was and draw them that big without a ruler.

I had many activities  planned for this book but since it was hard to get into we really didn't do many of them. We did do a bit of reading about London (where the story is set) and also India (where the boy is from in the story.) During the course of the story we discussed many small items in our house and if they would be useful to Borrowers. Also when things came up missing we discussed that we may have our very own Borrowers.

There were so many cute ideas on Pinterest to do with this book, but that is just where they stayed as we did not one of them!

We wrapped up our book with watching the movie the Secret World Of Arietty. I loved this movie and it actually made me want to re read the Borrowers again.

Up next is Sarah Pkain and Tall as we read our way through the Mensa book lists.