Thursday, October 24, 2013

Short and Sweet.

I have really been  having a hard  time sitting and composing blog posts since discovering I am pregnant. I compose them all day in my head they just never make it to my blog.

So the hens finally started laying, we are only getting 1-2 eggs a day right now and no Easter egger eggs yet.
Care to guess which 3 eggs came from our chickens and which 3 came from our farmers chickens? I am overly excited to say that our chickens are laying the healthier dark orange yolk eggs.

Speaking of chickens one of our lovely dogs got  a hold of one of our barred Rocks and ate the comb off the top of her head, good thing it wasn't the poor hens head. She is healing well.

I am loving this cooler weather we are having ( some might call it downright cold) but not I! 

So we hung out in the arctic exhibit at a nearby zoo, these animals agree with me and how nice it is.