Monday, November 14, 2016

Destination: Puerto Rico

My first trip with no kids.

Destination: Puerto Rico 2 flights 6.5 hours

View from the plane as we were landing. I was separated from Papabird on both flights the second flight  we were supposed to sit together but he got bumped to first class but then gave the seat to me because I never sat in first class before. It was nice I sure would like to fly first class every time.

I was giddy the moment I saw the ocean literal giggles in my head of excitement and a goofy smile from ear to ear. Just as exciting to me as my 8 year old self waking up to the glittering Christmas tree with gifts from Santa. Magical.

There is just something about the ocean especially tropical waters that  envelopes me in utter peace and washes all my worries away. I feel home!
View from the living room in the house
We stayed in old San Juan the first day. A gorgeous  500 year old house it had so much history and character a bit run down though, it could have used some  updates.
They had cats everywhere- I later found out it was because of the Save A Gato program 

Old San Jaun was beautiful, I love the bright color buildings. It looked like all the books I read in college when I studied Latin American culture.

We traveled to the other side of the island to stay at resort where my husband had his important work thing

As soon as we were checked in Papabird had a meeting so I headed to the ferry that takes people over to the private island.

This was a 15 minutes walk through multiple buildings to get to the tram that takes you down the cliff to sea level. We stayed in the farthest building from the tram on the very top floor ( Papa bird knows I like the top floor anywhere) We had the best view from our balcony than any other building.I yearned to get my toes into the warm tropical sea water. I had yet been able to do so.We could see the water and hear the ocean from the house in San Jaun but we were up on a cliff and unable to get into the water.

The resort was large
The tram that takes you down the cliff to the bottom level of the resort. It looks like a fun coaster but it was pretty slow.

 Bliss- toes in the water.

The island was beautiful 

I have never seen a sun rise, sure I have been awake when the sun was coming up but I have never seen it rise up from the horizon line making it's very first appearance.

Papabird thought I was crazy but I was up at 5am (I can NEVER sleep when not in my own bed) so why not enjoy every second and watch a sunrise.
My first attempt, my timing was off and I went back to bed.

My second attempt- breathtaking, a moment to remember always.I may have damaged my retinas forever but, how do you watch the sun come up without actually looking at the sun?

And the Moon ( not the best quality but I only took my iphone not my DSLR)
Seriously there is NO other view in the world more amazing to me ( besides the birth of all my 5 amazing children) than a full moon over the ocean.
This night was perfect. Clear night, warm breeze, ipod in playing my favorite songs. I sat on our balcony until the moon was no longer in sight. I was lost in my thoughts and full of emotion. 

View from our balcony, it looks directly East right to the resorts private island.
 All my favorite things!!! A Rainbow over the water on the ferry  while riding  back to the resort after a day of longing on the beach..
Sandy toes, crashing waves,mountain view and a rumtastic tropical drink!!

The water changed color after a small rainstorm.

There were so many amazing places and adventures to do while visiting Puerto Rico but on the few days that Papa Bird was free from meetings I just wanted to relax and hang out with him.What I really needed was to just let the salty ocean bath me and wash away all my stresses.

During his busy times I was happy and content to sit, relax, and enjoy the beach.

My trashy novel that kept me company on the plane especially since the audio went down and there was no wifi or movies on my way back.

I also discovered a new Gemstone. I fell in love with it right away and bought a few pieces.