Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A day in the life: Vomit edition!!

As a mom of 5 kids you have to juggle and learn to roll with it. Things never go as planned.


7:00 AM woke up to find my boys out of bed already which really bugged me, I wanted at least 30 minutes to myself while I enjoyed my less than perfect cup of coffee (currently on week 1 of Whole 30.)  Just a few minutes of being awake Papa bird started asking me a bunch of questions about stuff that I already told him, many times before!~ Irrintating!

Trying to get everyone fed and out the door with snacks packed because I was not planning on being back home until 4PM

9:00 am Out the door 15 min. later than planned because I took the time to make eggs for Duck and Owl.(They are a super food and they do not always eat them so when they want them I comply) They were especially good today ~ yummy farm fresh!
9:08 Crap, I forgot that  I NEED gas. I rushed home last night after Robin's riding lesson due to an emergency (2 year old locked in her room while 15 year old was watching her!) and never got gas.

9:27 Got Falcon to his last Exam, just as I pulled away from the University Canary started throwing up....Crap! Crap! Crap! We are already late to a much needed 2nd opinion at a Denist for 3 of the kids. I cleaned her up as best as I could~ kids were gagging in the car it was so bad ( so was I!!!)

9:40 Papabird  met me at the new Denist he could not fill out the paperwork because he does not know our children's DOB's...WHAT!!!!! ( I am not even going to get started on that one,) So he sat outside with Canary while I went in with 2/3 of the kids that needed to be seen. ( we missed the first appt.)

Conclusion from Denist: my kids have cavities in half their teeth...WHAT??? How? WHY? We eat so clean!!! Owl even needs a baby root canal!! Lost of stress and issues here, crappy insurance no one in our plan will work on kids. This new Denist will not do the work on kids!!! I need to think about that later.......

10:30 Off to  Papa Bird's office to get some paper work we need to get notarized at the bank. 
* Canary  BTW is still reaking of vomit she has been wiped down with baby wipes but still soaked!! Now off to the bank with my vomit covered child. Did I mention this all had to be done today due to a past due deadline that was already being extended for me!

The bank gave the kids crappy suckers  ( their teeth are already rotten , what the hell!)

11:22 Dropped off paper work on opposite side of town...Whew at least that is done!

* it is beautiful outside today 68F slight wind, sunny skies,  trees are blooming. Although nothing is going right I am able to take a deep breath to enjoy this beautiful life that I have on this beautiful planet.

Here is when I had planned to go back and get Falcon, run some Errands then have a peaceful lunch out with my favorite little people ( All my baby birds) But now I need to head home because I need to clean up Canery. I only had an extra set of panties and pants in the car ( newly potty trained) no extra shirt.

11: 50 Home again, Got lunch ready cleaned up Canery and observed her for awhile to see if she was going to be sick again or if we were good to go to our planned feild trip, This time I packed plastic bags in the car with 2 complete sets of clothes for Caneray, just in case. 

1:30 Picked up Falcon from School.

1:45 Arrived at field trip 15 minutes early ( just how I like to be). The kids are doing part 2 of a pioneer/homesteading workshop. for 2 hours.

2:00 I got to enjoy the next 2 hours walking around a Botanical Garden with my youngest and my oldest. 

3:15 Maybe Canary is sick, she fell asleep in the stroller.She never falls asleep in the stroller, she never even likes riding the the stroller, but not today. There was no way I was going to babywear today and risk having throw up down my back, I only have extra clothes for her not me!

4:15 heading home.Goodies the kids made, they later became my Mother's day gifts!

4:40 Arrived home got some of the kids settled and headed of to the grocery store to get some last minute items for dinner. I planned to put together shish-kabobs but am running out of time. I guess I will make that tomorrow.

5:45 Got home, prepped  burgers for dinner. We are having Burgers with chips and grapes.

6:15 I realized my cranky crying Canary has a fever and just wants me to hold and nurse her. I guess I will not be sauteeing peppers and onions for my burger tonight.

6:30 Dinner was not so enjoyable for me being on whole 30 without the time to prep my other side dishes because I was holding baby Canery. So it was just a plain burger for me.




Enjoying these moments  that I am needed and cuddled and rocked Canery watching Private Practice on Netflix.

8:00 Did the nightly tick check- Found one on Owl ( life in the woods) pulled it off bagged and dated it  (they can check the tick faster than you if you develop symptoms). Made sure teeth were brushed and flossed then gave kisses and hugs and off to bed went the 3 of the kids.

9;00 Put Canery to bed

Took a moment today to reflect: life does not go as planned sometimes you just need to take a deep breath acknowledge that change happens on try not to dwell on what would have made a perfect day and realize that every breathing moment on this planet is a precious one and learn how to spend it wisely