Sunday, January 30, 2011

Library trips

Well I was lucky enough to head to the library and have my husband watch the kids. I love the library, but when you take 10, 4, 3, and 1 yr. old children with you, it tends to get very stressful. As a homeschooling mom the library knows me well I usually have 75+ books checked out at a time HUGE piles of books at the hold center that I requested in and a lovely amount of overdue fines.

So I was enjoy really enjoying my peaceful library time and having so much fun browsing. I REALLY DO HAVE A BOOK PROBLEM! You could leave me in a book store or library ALL day and I would be perfectly content.

I found so many cool books just browsing that I starting thinking maybe I should try to just browse at the library once a month or so with out the kids.

I found Life-Size Zoo: From Tiny Rodents to Gigantic Elephants, An Actual Size Animal Encyclopedia and A-MAZE-ing Zoo Adventure to just name two and a few other cool zoo books for my 4 yr old. So now I will just do a lesson plan around the cool books I found.

LIGHT BULB..... so maybe instead of following topics and trying to find fun books to compliment them maybe I need to do the reverse ......find good books then base lesson on those.

I have so many theme ideas to work from now

Well I must go now my 10 minutes to reminicese on my fun library day is over now as the kids are yelling and fighting and I must go referee

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Dear blog , it's been awhile

I compose blog messages in my head everyday but just never seem to find the time to add them now that my youngest is 18 months I have a few more minutes in the day.

Today was hectic. I don't really know why but it was. I wasn't feeling well and in a lot of pain (having an ovarian cysts rupture currently) but being a Mama doesn't stop when you are not well. I just had to suck it up and go on with my day. I wanted to go to Walmart to buy this Pink Label Russian Barbie for my daughter since we are studying Russia this month I thought it would be a fun barbie to add to her 2 barbie doll collection. While shopping my 3 year old had a full blown throw himself down on the floor run down the aisle tantrum.Oh it was fun! They clearanced out the barbie and it is sold out at all the Walmarts now and I can only find it on Amazon for 36 dollars! Noway am I paying that much.

After running several other errands and doing school work with the children I am very happy that I can sit here and enjoy a glass of wine and type.