Monday, April 25, 2011

Carrot week- so many fun things to do with carrots

My 5, 3,and 1 year old had a blast this week all about our favorite orange veggie.

Monday- we read the Book Muncha Muncha Muncha by Candace Fleming it's a great story about a man who wants to have a backyard garden and the rabbits keep eating his veggies so he keep building different walls and fences to keep the pesky rabbits out. After we read the story we built our own garden walls using legos. As they were building I wound up a furry wind up bunny toy and they had to try to build it high enough before the bunny got to their garden. They had a blast!

My 5 year old's garden and wall around it.

My 3 year old's wall with the wind up bunny heading right for the good stuff!

At lunch time we cut the top off of a carrot and put the carrot top in water to try and grow leaves on the top again (fingers crossed)then I let them take turns pealing whole carrots when they decided they wanted to keep the skin on and eat the carrots like bunnies. they ate like 2 whole carrots a piece! YaY!

Other carrot projects we worked on the rest of the week
1. We cut up orange strips of paper and made pretend carrot soup.
2. We made our favorite super moist and delicious carrot bread.
3. We talked about different vegetables and cut some out of magazines then we used brown paper bag crumpled it then spread it out them painted over the entire paper with brown and black swirled paint (this was the dirt) then we pasted the vegetables we cut out and made our own paper vegetable garden.

For an art project we studied Degas and used oil pastels to make our own Degas works of art. My 2 older kids did a picture of a tree the 2 littles didn't care to make pictures. My 5 year old later made many pictures of ballerinas just like Degas did,

Friday, April 22, 2011

April Showers

My oldest had a homeschool class at the Zoo today and since schools are out the zoo was holding a fun Easter event. Despite the fact that it was cold and rainy I couldn't convince my children not to go to the zoo early. So we packed up all our zoo gear and snacks and headed out. The 2 middle kids were super excited to use their umbrellas!

The first stop we made was at one of the indoor exhibits to take shelter from the cold rain. My kids had a lot of fun running around in the Arctic exhibit and watching the seals. My oldest pointed out to me that we could see the rain falling from the bottom of the water, due to the underwater viewing of the seals, it was very cool.That was one of my favorire moments of today.

One of the special events the zoo was doing today was hiding egg themed goodies in animals exhibits and watch them find it. They put plastic egg filled treats in the octopus exhibit and we got to watch him open them and find the snacks. My daughter got to decorate a paper muche egg and fill it with goodies then watch a zoo keeper place it in one of the zoo's bird exhibits. My oldest was able to see the tortoise feeding. He said the were running to their treats super fast and fighting over them. I couldn't get my double stroller and 5 year old through the crowd but they did get to pet a lizard, snake and turtle while they waited.

My oldest when off to his zoo class while I hung out with the little ones in the indoor kids play area were they had so much fun.WE played in the indoor sand box digging for bugs like we were birds with tongs that we were pretending were beaks, decorated paper bunnies, painted our faces and so much more.

I was really surprised at how much fun I had with the kids today even though it was cold and rainy and very crowded (I hate large crowds)But it really was a great rainy April day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Edible Book Festival

The edible book festival is an event our homeschool group just started 3 years ago. It is an annual national event usually held around April 1st which is also known as edible book day, "edible books" are created and displayed by participants to create create an "edible book," which can be inspired by a favorite tale, involve a pun on a famous title, or simply be in the shape of a book (or scroll, or tablet, Ltc). it's totally up to you. This year my 4 year old is doing The Girl Who loved Wild Horses

my 10 yr old is doing The Sword and The Stone.

I am a big book nerds so I totally LOVE this event it's fun and YummY!
Here a few others that we thought were neat!