Thursday, May 29, 2014

Relaxed schooling- lots of reading

After coming down with mastitis again I know I need a more relaxed week so. I could attempt to rest a bit and clear up the mastitis I have again.

Reading reading reading,
 I started reading aloud Caddie Woodlawn  to all the kids

We did a bit of research on Wisconsin (where the story is set at)
Read about President Lincoln
Played United States Bingo

Pete the Cat

This is such a great picture book series, I cannot believe I haven't checked these books out sooner.

Robin is reading Little House chapter books she is loving those.

Falcon is reading the Bible. Although I do not believe in God I will support my children if they choose to. He is really enjoying the stories and wondering why so many of our Christian friends do not watch tv shows or read books with magic in them because there is so much magic done in the bible.

He also started this book

I am reading 

Adventuring around the town.....
Monday we met a friend at an outdoor garden play space and the kids played for about 2.5 hours.
Tuesday I was supposed to go birding in the marshes with friends but decided to stay home and rest to help heal and get over this mastitis.
Wednesday Robin  and Duck had math coop at the big library that my kids love.
Thursday Girl Scout trip to Petco to work on  Badgework.

Then off to our homeschool geography coop to present our work on Canada.

Despite being sick this week I had to sit up and rock Canary almost every night around 3am for awhile holding her upright to held drain her plugged  nose so she could nurse.

Friday, May 16, 2014

School week highlights

We went to a baseball game and as I was trying to snap a good selfie of Canary and I ( she was in the Moby wrap) when I noticed 3 other people within 3 rows of me doing the same thing. I wonder how many of those ended up in social media of some sort.  The first guy was with his 2 kids snapping a picture, second one I saw was a man holding up a beer next to his face with a big smile, and the last one was a younger woman maybe in her twenties doing the duck face shot. Not familiar with duck face?

Here you go! It is seriously the dumbest looking pose ever. I every time I see woman doing it I just want to slap it right off there face. Do guys really find this appealing? It is not even a natural looking face, nobody  makes that face not even while kissing!!

Moving on....
Robin made a fairy garden at the library this week with her friend.

Went to the planetarium and saw Dynamic Earth

We started Story of the world volume 2

All the kids have now finished up CAT testing via Seton testing services and I mailed those back.

Working on finished on our projects for  our zoo homeschool fair. Here is Robins finished project:

She did a seek and find. On one side Robin had 3 facts listed about  different animals you try  guess what it is then lift  the flaps to see if you are right. Then you can find the animal on the picture  on the other side. The habitat she was assigned was Ocean and she had to list a mammal, reptile,bird,fish, endangered animal and an amphibian that lives in  that habitat.

We are back on track going go a weekly math class for ages K-3 that my friend teaches,they are learning geometry.This week the kids did some math projects based on the book ...

I have been feeling overwhelmed with clutter  and want to create a more zen like atmosphere in the house. I don't mind having a small house but I think I have been filling it with too much in unnecessary  stuff.

I finally cleaned off my dry erase boards after a year. If you didn't know rubbing alcohol works great at cleaning the boards and getting them white again.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workout Wednsday 8 weeks postpartum. #1

What is workout Wednesday ?
Well  at least once a month (maybe even 4 times a months) I will post what I am doing during my workouts, my weight-loss ,  and a current favorite healthy meal or snack (maybe both.)

I am really an all or nothing type of person. I wanted to jump right into working out  doing high intensity interval training again but I know I need to start slow, as I have had a few set backs in recovery already doing too much too soon ( blood clots, hemorrhaging and mastitis),

My workouts:
So here  is what I have been doing since May 1st.
Walking -about a mile or two each walk in the park with the kids.
Bike riding -Robin and I went on a few 30 min bike rides (she doesn't go as fast as I like but her legs are much smaller than mine, so a light easy bike ride for me is a hard bike ride for her.) When I go on bike rides with her I try and stand as much as possibly holding a squat position just over my seat to make it more of a workout.)

I have gone on a few bike rides by myself. I go much farther, faster and longer by myself.

 I started the 30 day challenge with the kids every day we All do the squats and push-ups.

A few times this month   I did my squats while holding the baby. Not because I wanted to but because she was cranky and wanted to be held, and not be  put down. So I had the extra added bonus of 14  more pounds to lift yay!

My favorite  snack this week:

Sugar snap peas with some organic Greek dressing.

Weight loss - 4 pounds.

I have been quite sore, but it is the kind of sore that I LOVE. It is the feeling of getting stronger and reshaping my body.