Sunday, December 7, 2008

Foot prints in the snow!

So I decided to take the 2 year old on a walk around the block this afternoon since the baby was napping and my husband and son were busy playing Worlds or Warcraft So I got her all bundled up and got the dog ready. I thought this would be a brisk 5 min. walk but who was I kidding? She was so fascinated by everything this was the first time this year we have has snow accumulation. She was just fascinated by everything and what would have taken us 5 min took us 45 min Just to go around the block ( it's a small block too!) She just had to pick up the snow, lick it, adjust her baby ( she was walking her baby in a toy stroller), take off her gloves, take off her hate, take off her scarf then put them all back on. It was cute and enjoyable to see her so fascinated by the snow. She was also very excited about peoples x-mas decorations and had to walk up and see each and every one. This walk was probably the highlight of her day. She locked all over for a snowman she really wanted to see one but there just wasn't enough snow and it was light fluffy not wet packing snow.

It was fun to walk with just her and enjoy the winter weather.

The baby is awake now so I must run.

Monday, December 1, 2008

More baby birds in our nest!

Well I found out a few days ago I am expecting anther in August (YAY!) How exciting. I thought I was preggo for about a week but it wasn't official until I took a digital test and it came out PREGNANT.

My mother was a twin so I am always at a higher risk of having twins and I just read that if you are over 30 you have a higher risk too because you drop more than one egg. So I'm at a double high risk! I get excited when I think about twins sometimes and others I get real scared.

Well we know if its a girl her name will be Baily and if it's a boy Tyler ( maybe we are still open to boy names)

My younger 2 babies are 19 months apart and this one will be exactally 19 mpnths apart as well, How cool!