Monday, December 1, 2008

More baby birds in our nest!

Well I found out a few days ago I am expecting anther in August (YAY!) How exciting. I thought I was preggo for about a week but it wasn't official until I took a digital test and it came out PREGNANT.

My mother was a twin so I am always at a higher risk of having twins and I just read that if you are over 30 you have a higher risk too because you drop more than one egg. So I'm at a double high risk! I get excited when I think about twins sometimes and others I get real scared.

Well we know if its a girl her name will be Baily and if it's a boy Tyler ( maybe we are still open to boy names)

My younger 2 babies are 19 months apart and this one will be exactally 19 mpnths apart as well, How cool!

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