Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is here!

It was very warm this week and the kids and I( spent a lot of time outside instead of doing school work. School works is for the bad weather days! Anyway we were excited to see Springtime's first flowers appear. We found beautiful yellow Daffodils growing in our neighbors yard after I threw a football over the fence on accident, whoops! So I let the kids pick a few (the house is vacant so I didn't think anyone would mind)Its a shame really it looks like it was once a beautiful flower garden too! There is a busted up bird bath, empty bird feeders and beautiful terraced stone workings to lay out flowers. Maybe it will be restored someday by new renters, or owners. Anyway back to the beautiful Spring day my son also found one purple flower, I'm not sure what it is but we picked that as well. Then we went in the house and put out beautiful Spring flowers in a vase with some water. I decided it would be a perfect time for the kids to paint some still life pictures of them so I can add some sunshine to our Homeschool room. My 2 yr old did really well when I explained how to paint them, I did help her though a little. I LOVE them and the look sooooooooo pretty on my walls.

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