Monday, June 8, 2009

So much to do, so little time....

So the title says it all I'm just soooooooo overwhelmed latley I have so many things to get done before the baby gets here but just no time
- wash baby cloths
-buy a dresser to put them in
-wash and hang Amby Bed
- paint DS's room and living room
- finish up some schooling with oldest
-figure out what curriculuim I want to use next year
- buy a ton of baby odds and ends at the store... changing pad, changing pad covers,gripe water, probiotics, post partum pads,
- cook and plan some freezer meals for when baby arrives

the list goes on
But I did get a lot done today I got the kids signed up for a summer reading club, went to the library, stopped by the lab to give a urine sample, took oldest to gym class, took the middle child swimming, made dinner, picked up house and now my lower back hurts so bad I can't hardly move or clean up the dinner dishes


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