Friday, September 25, 2009

Childhood Memories

There are so many pleasant memories I have as a child and it's funny how the things my parents made a big fuss over because they wanted me to remember it is not something I remember it was all the little things they did that made me feel so special. I remember ......

Getting to stay up late sometimes and eat lobster egg rolls with my mon (I didn't like them but I pretended too just so I could stay up late and hang out with her.

Eating pancakes that my dad made every Christmas morning with special syrup made from Koolaide Mix and sugar heated up on the stove

Little notes my mom use to put in my lunch box or when she cut my sandwich out like a heart

Taking nature walks at the park with the whole family

Its funny how as a parent you try so hard to make birthdays and holidays so special but those are not the days I remembered it was the the little things. So as a parent of 4 young ones I try to do fun special things that maybe my kids will remember and make them smile into adulthood like some of my memories do for me.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet post. I came here via MDC. Looking forward to seeing more. :-)

Me and My Ducklings said...

What a great reminder! :)