Friday, April 1, 2011

Edible Book Festival

The edible book festival is an event our homeschool group just started 3 years ago. It is an annual national event usually held around April 1st which is also known as edible book day, "edible books" are created and displayed by participants to create create an "edible book," which can be inspired by a favorite tale, involve a pun on a famous title, or simply be in the shape of a book (or scroll, or tablet, Ltc). it's totally up to you. This year my 4 year old is doing The Girl Who loved Wild Horses

my 10 yr old is doing The Sword and The Stone.

I am a big book nerds so I totally LOVE this event it's fun and YummY!
Here a few others that we thought were neat!

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MommyKuehner said...

Love it!!! They did awesome!!! I so missed it Friday. Glad everyone had fun!!!