Sunday, May 22, 2011

4 kids 2 adults, 20+hours in the car = DISNEYLAND

I really though that the drive to Disney would be horrible, I really hate driving across town so I thought the trip would be miserable. I was wrong it was not bad at all. The kids did very well, of course they got to watch movies most of the time on the van DVD player. The worst part of the trip was when the gps re routed up through The Great Smokey Mountian national park on state route 411 to route 63. It was horrible, big hills, sharp turns, on a 2 lane road in the the middle of the night. All of us were motion sick it was worse than a roller coaster and I love roller coasters but not for and hour and a half.

We finally arrived on Sunday at 3pm we stayed at a disney resort the Port Orleans Riverside it was a very nice hotel. We booked our vacation as a pack that included our stay, park tickets, and the disney food plan for $3100, $900 of it was just the food plan but it includes 1 snack, 1 quick serve meal and 1 sit down restarnt each day per person. It was a lot of food, and it was very yummy as well. I was very worried about food choices since our family eats a very traditional food diet without processed foods. There were many healthier type foods than I expected so I was happy about that I know that the fruits and veggies were not organic and the meat I'm sure a not free range, grass fed, or hormone free but it was better than I expected. I did bring lots of healthy snacks, chedder bunnies, granola bars, organics raisins, nuts etc. That night I stayed at the hotel with the 3 younger ones while my husband took my oldest to the Magic Kingdom. I don't know who enjoyed it more my son or my husband.

Magic kingdom- most of our time was spent at this park (4 out of 8), The little kids loved the dumbo ride, the people mover and the talking garbage can in Tomarrowland. My oldest loved the jungle cruise. We got to see many princsess my favorite was prncess Tiana and Prince Navene they were so funny and very entertaining.

Epcot- We all enjoyed the livng with the land ride. Soaring was my favorite it really felt like you were hang gliding. My daughter got Princess Aurora picture and autograph (thats her favorire prinsess. The Nemo ride was a favorite of the little kids. We ate a late lunch at luch at The Coral Reef resaurant. We had to leave soon after that. The baby was having an allergic reaction we think it was from all the pollen, it was Epcots flower festival. There were flowers everywhere. I was really bummed because I wanted to soend at least 2 days in Epcot not 1/2 a day.

Hollywood Studies - was pretty much a bust for us it was 97 degrees and the little ones didn't have the patience to wait in line for any of the shows so we left early that day too. We had a good time just hanging out at the hotel pool.

Over all we had a lot of fun and have many pictures and memories to keep. I can't wait to go back it really was a magical place.

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