Sunday, April 22, 2012

Refurbished Toy Crib From My Childhood

This is me when I was 2! My grandfather made this for me for Christmas that year out of all scrap wood he had laying around. I LOVED this crib and played with it my entire childhood. I have been hanging on to it for many years waiting to fix it up and give it to my own little girl. Well that time finally came when my daughter saw the poor beat up crib the the basement not long ago and asked about it. She asked me if she could have it so we went to the paint store and she picked out "mixed Berries" by Behr paint and I said I would fix it up for her someday soon. (She had no idea I was going to fix it up for her birthday.)
Here is another picture of me, the crib is in the back at the far left with my new baby doll in it. Not a great picture but you get the point!
Side view
Side view
Top view, I used paint stirring sticks to make the slats on the top of the crib that were broken off.
Here I am sanding down the decals that were on it, they were soft and fuzzy so I needed them sanded down to paint over them.
Side view, I replaced the knobs on the drawer, and added new felt to line the inside of the drawer as well. Instead of Decals I used stencils ( which are a lot harder to use that I thought. I mixed light pink paint with fine glitter to add sparkle and texture to the stencil work.
Side view, I did not plan to only use pink glitter paint for the stencils but I found the stenciling was much easier with the paint thickend up by the glitter, so I just went with it.
Back view
Action shot of Robin's favorite dolls. It brings me such joy to see my daughter play with something that was made by love from both her great grandfather and now her mother. I hope this brings her as much happiness as it did for me when I was a little girl.

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