Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Charlottes Web

Baby Canary wearing her Wilber pants for story time today. I love these cute piggie pants so much!
A neat web Duck found outside on the ground with dew on it. We looked everyday for webs. We found many webs and many Charlotte's! There was a really neat web in our garage but Papabird took it down before I was able to snap a photo of it.
 Some copy work Robin did from the book. She made a web but spelled "radiant " wrong
 A spider web Duck worked on with  words he can read. We then rolled a pair if dice and would add bugs to his web when he got the sum of the 2 dice correct.
 A farm animal book(not put together in the picture) that the 2 little boys worked on.
 Some other books we read, I even learned something from the Farm IQ book. That chickens will turn their eggs everyday to distribute heat to their chicks. We even have a hen sitting on eggs right now.

Meet Sharkbait our soon to be mama hen.  Robin checking  the nest boxes to see if she is still on her eggs.She got her name from  a character in  Catching Nemo after the dog got a hold of her and bit off her comb! Our baby chicks did not make it they were only partially developed. We will try again soon.

 At the end of the book I surprised the kids with fair food while they watched the movie Charlotte's Web to compare and contrast,
They ate:
Gluten free Corn Dogs
Cracker Jack (from the story)
Cream Soda
Salt Water taffy

Watching the movie, even Canary was interested in the movie.

Speaking of the fair I downloaded  a fair food app for the kids to play with on the ipad. This really has no educational value but  was just a fun tie in.

I also downloaded Leapfrog's International Food Fair. A bit more educational.

Of course we had to take a trip to our State fair this summer.Robin choose a yellow seersucker dress just like Fern wore, and a yellow and orange bonnet. She wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel  like in the story so bad but it was such a hot day and over a 2 hour wait so the kids did not ride any rides.

We did play a few games.

Ate some fair food.

And of course checked out all the pigs looking for Uncle and Wilbur!!!

We did not see any Blue Ribbon pigs but we did see a blue Ribbon on the Girl Scout Project Robin did on Poison Ivy for the fair. She also got second place on her origami butterfly mobile she made her baby sister. and a few honorable mentions.

I really LOVED reading Charlottes Web and doing projects that went along with it. It was especially fun going to the state fair as a wrap up. I hope our next book ( The Borrowers) will be this much fun.

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