Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Back to the Classics 2018 reading challenge

I came across a photo of a bookstack by an Instagram follower and was intrigued by her choices. It lead me to Karen's blog Books and Chocolate ...... (Books and chocolate who doesn't love that name?)

I quickly grabbed my 11 year old daughter who is a voracious reader and asked her to join with me as a Mother daughter thing. She was not thrilled about it being classics but when I enticed her with a date night out just the two of us discussing each book over coffee and baked goods, she was sold! Food is a huge motivator!

So I sent her to my room for my secret stash of chocolates and we sat down together red wine in hand (only my hand) past her bedtime on a school night and came up with this list.

In less than 4  hours :
  1. I found this challenge 
  2. Bribed my daughter with date nights, coffee and baked goods to do it with me
  3. Researched books and came up with our list
  4. Signed up for the challenge 
  5. And typed and posted my list on my blog.
1. 19th Century Classic - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen This has been on my bookshelf for awhile but I have never read it.  Robin recalled my friend stating that her son was named after a character in the book. -  Robin's Choice

2. 20th Century -  The Jungle by  Upton Sinclair My choice it seemed interesting.

3. Woman Author - Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Robin's choice, one that has sat on her bookshelf since she started riding.

4. A Translation - The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint- Exupery Just last night Papabird and Canary were watching this on Netflix. This was Robins choice curious to read after her Dad wanted to watch it.

5. Children's Classic - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne I chose this, Robin and I both like the ocean and sea life so what the heck!

6. Classic Crime Story - The Crime at Black Dudley  by Margery Allingham (Robin does not want to read any crime with me) My choice

7. Travel or Journey - Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdhal This was a book I am requiring Robin to read for school this year so it just fits nicely.

8. Single Word - Heidi by Johanna Spyri Robin's choice, I have never read only seen the movie.

9. Color in the Title - The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel  Hawthorne Hoping this is okay for my 11 year old to read. I suggested this one she approved it after reading about it on Goodreads.

10. New Author - My Antonia by Willa Cather We both agreed on this and found it on a 20 classics to read list in a google search.

11. Classic that Scares Me - Dracula ( I may change this) I chose, not sure if we will keep this selection.

12. Old Favorite - A Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burrnett (the memories of my oldest reading this melts my heart. I will write about it during a review post later in the year) Robin chose this and it is the only book we have both read. Although I have only ever read the abridged version when my oldest was very young. and before I knew that abridged  versions suck in comparison!

I am very excited for this challenge, to read the books and to have this special time with my daughter.

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Joseph said...

Oh how I love Little Prince. I hope you enjoy it, and all your excellent choices.