Thursday, June 28, 2018

Steaks in Suburbia, The American Dream,

My favorite summertime activity is riding my bike, I feel alive and free! Although I live on 15 acres (14.6 to be exact) I sometimes enjoy popping over to many of  nearby subdivisions to ride my bike. They all have their own fancy names to set themselves apart from others and as I ride through them I like to imagine who lives there, what they do and what their life is like. I make up stories in my head about them, sometimes these stories are spawned by seeing people outside of these houses and other times I make up stories about those who dwell inside. Only to be sometimes be disappointed when I ride by one day and I see people unlike what my imagination made up.

So at 6pm this evening while riding through Deerfield Subdivision I smelled delicious steak being cooked to perfection on the grill by a hard working man who sat in an office all day making money for his family and my mind began to wander.

I think most of these houses would be what people would call the American dream home.These houses run about $300,000 and are all about 3-4 Bedrooms 2 Baths and near 2000 sq feet. I  know this because I read the for sale flyers sometimes when I stop for a drink from my water bottle.

These are the stories that played through my mind tonight.

This house has beautiful forested back yard. 2 Full time working parents live here with their 3 daughters (I have seen them outside, now I sound like a stalker) This is one of my favorite houses to drive past because a little later in the evening and the sun filters through the trees behind the house and it is such beautiful sight.
Divorced mother of 2 lives here with her new boyfriend, they have a little white dog named Gigi

This married couple is struggling, the husband has a real good feeling that his wife is cheating on him with the new guy she just hired at her office. He is struggling to come to terms with this and is trying his hardest to convince his wife that the life they built together is worth it, he is grilling  steak tonight!
This couple has been married for 14 years and could not be more happy, they know  life is not all sunshine and rainbows but they are true soul mates and cannot imagine being anywhere else but together.

There is a guy in a red shirt angry that his wife is making him do yard work tonight when his friends are meeting for poker night.
This woman was in her 50's and jogging, no story here just happy to see others getting fit!

You cannot tell from this picture but this woman is 6 months pregnant, no story here but happy to see more people getting out and getting fit, yay!

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