Sunday, February 20, 2011

A new way of Homeschooling

I was just laying in bed trying to sleep........ Writing a blog in my head and I thought, you know I am going to get out of my bed and write this one down.Writing helps people be held accountable for their actions and I want to be held accountable.

So here goes my entry:

I am going to start a new way of homeschooling, about every year I re- evaluate what I am doing and make changes accordingly. This time I have decided that home schooling means being at HOME. Yes, a simple but difficult concept. We usually leave for an event or 2 a couple times a week and to do errands and when you mix in transition times and getting 4 kids in and out of the house the time really adds up. Sure we are finishing our schoolwork but we are all stressed! I am going to start spending more time at home with the kids and doing more fun, hands on, messy, sticky, fun stuff. We have been to rushed this year to really ENJOY schooling. I have caught myself saying "Are you done yet? Hurry up. We need to leave so wrap it up." I am going to stop saying that and let myself and my children relax take their time and then enjoy our afternoons playing games, doing messy art project and fun science

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