Monday, February 21, 2011

Our new and fav toys - Montessori approach

OUr 3 favorite new toys,
1. Large nuts, bolts and washers I put a banana next to it so you could see the size. My 1,3 and 4 year old LOVE these. We plan to buy more and many differnt sizes.

2. Hand broom and dust pan. Boy do all 3 of my younger kids love cleaning up. Sometimes it's real dirt, sometimes it's paper they have ripped up and crumpled just to sweep. My 3 year old thought it was too funny to have his toes in the picture!

3. Next up is the single serve applesauce cups we wash out and save after we eat the. I must have a dozen or more and they love them. They nest them , stack them, make pretend foods in them, carry smaller toys around in them they are great, and FREE.

My kids will just not play with plastic light up toys that you push buttons on no matter what I buy, so no more! I am incorporating lots of Montessori type stuff into the toy room. Next up is a pretend washer made out of an old box (need to get a good box) then a basket with some clothes and a mini clothes lines and clothes pin to hand them on.

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