Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finger prints, and The Rag Coat FIAR

For Science we started using Play and Find Out About the Human Body by Janice VanCleave Today we did the first 2 projects about why our fingers have ridges. They were fun experiments we tried to pick up dimes with and without tape on our fingers. Then we inspected our finger prints with magnifying glasses to find our patterns, Whorl, arch or loop. We all had arch's in our prints. Lastly my 4 yr old drew green lines for stems then we used ink pads and our fingers to make buds on the stems for flowers. We then discussed what plants need to grow and we added raindrop fingerprints to represent that April Showers will bring May flowers.

We read The Rag Coat, part of our Five in a Row books then made our own paper doll. We traced and measured to make and cut out a coat for our doll then used pieces of fabric and scrapbook paper to make the jacket. We then discussed the history of quilting and that many times groups of woman would get together and quilt in a large group. So we sat together and chatted while we quilted our coat and made up stories about where each piece of cloth came from. We also went to Goodwill this week and looked for spring coats. While we were there we discussed and talked about why buying used is better than new and we imagined all the fun things that the previous owner did with that coat on. We did not find a lightweight jacket but we did get some cute t-shirts and 3 brand new Webkinz with tags and all still attatched for $1.00 each! SCORE! I love thrift stores it's like a treasure hunt!


Here is our fingerprint picture and our Rag coat doll we made

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