Friday, June 17, 2011

15 things we did this week!

1. made butterfly waffles
2. Saw a baby elephant
3. Got ice cream off an ice cream truck
4. played in the sand
5. watched a video on honeybees
6. played with a BIG beetle outside and let it crawl all over us (trying to get my 5 year old less afraid of bugs)
7. spent an entire day outside and barfefoot
8. picked 25 lbs of strawberries
9. discoverd my Dads cancer is not Terminal (YAY)
10. played at the park with grandpa
11. had a picnic outside with all raw veggies!
12. played in the rain at the park
13. Took all the kids to see a movie at the theater
14. made a strawberry pie from scratch
15. kissed and hugged all my kiddos and thanked them for being so awesome!

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