Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fly life cycle part 2- Maggots are born!

Yes I know this is totally gross but this kids are enjoying this project besides the stink.

On day 3 our fly eggs hatched and we now have hundreds of maggots. Flies lay anywhere from 2 to 21 blobs of eggs at a time, and each blob consists of about 130 eggs. That's a lot of maggots!

We now dumped our maggots into an big yogurt container put oil on the plastic wrap then put the yogurt lid on.

On day 4 we noticed our maggots are escaping and 1/2 of them seemed to have died. Nurturing then into flies maybe harder than I thought. We added some more rancid meet for our maggots to feast on and hopefully we will have some flies pupate in the next 2 days.

My daughter who is afraid of bugs is doing very well with this project and has enjoyed holding the maggots.

It is garbage day today and after my son cleaned up dog poo out of the yard he then put the poo in our can by the road and left the lid open all day. So guess what I found when I went to close the lid? Yup you guessed it, hundreds of flies swarming the poo bag. So I can almost Guarantee that we will have maggots in our can by the end of the very long holiday week.

On another non fly note we had to put our 5 month old English mastiff down due to Addison's disease. That was a tough lesson for the kids to learn. I did not enjoy explaining to them why their puppy died. We did on the other hand get another new puppy she is a Neapolitan mastiff/ English mastiff mix and is 6 weeks old. That helped ease the sadness a bit.

My husband went to a motivational business seminar this week that was awesome and shared with me some great tips. One I will share with you. A tip of truly successful people is list making.

You need to compose a list of 10 goals ...
(here is my list)
1. Organize and clean unfinished side of basement
2. Write a 50 state geography curriculum for next year
3, Exercise more
4. Do more research on colloidal silver and learn how to make my own colloidal silver solution
5. Do more work on either of my books I am writing
6. Work on science curriculum for next year
7. Work on my list of events I am organizing for my homeschool group next year
8. Organize school supplies
9. Organize my kids dressers
10.Research student loan consolidation help

Now look at your list pick the one that will help you the most right now...
I chose #2
Next make a list of all the steps you need to take to get that one thing done.
1. Print out a coloring page for each state.
2. Find a craft for each state
3. Organized order in which I will teach states
4. Get a large map that kids can color in each state they do or get some type of stickers to put on our big laminated map in the wall.
5. Organize all this info into a notebook or binder

Then when you finish move on to another item on your list. All successful people write lists to keep them on task and achieve their goals. So far it seems logical to do that. Now I have a better plan and a much more organized way to do things this really seems so simple but effective. My goal is to have this item, possible 2 done by next weeks wrap up.


Lori said...

I love the tips from your husband. I think I am going to try that. I am all over the board right now with things I need to get done. This should help.

We tried that maggot thing and it failed. Maybe it was the wrong time of the year. (?)

Condolences about your dog. I know losing a pet can be tough especially on kids.

Lori said...

Okay-- I have to say that video is so gross!! You are an awesome mom. :) I am not sure that I could have stomached that.

Mama Bird said...

Lori, trust me when I say I HATE bugs and maggots but I put on a good face to try and get my daughter over her fear. I made my 10 yr old sone pick the maggots up to put in her hand ( hey, I had the carmera in my hand I couldnt do it ,lol) 1/2 our maggots have already died I think getting them to pupate is the hardest! Fingers crossed though!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! I'm not sure that I could do that! I do everything possible NOT to have flies and MAGGOTS! You ARE a great Mom for not getting the willies! LOL Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!