Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homeschool mothers journal- 11

In my life this week…
My little kids have a cold so getting school work finished without the little ones bugging me was an extreme challenge. Lots of crying and meltdowns and tantrums. My husband and I also cleaned out the unfinished side the the basement to be a game room.

West view- we had to cut the USA rug to fit but it was free from a friend and 20+ YEARS old. It is very worn and fraying but it serves the purpose here. This would have been an awesome rug brand new.We just had to cut off!

East view, the dresser is filled with homeschool supplies like glue, binders, notebooks, etc.. and we have stored strategy games for ages 10 + on the dresser the little kid games are upstairs.

In our homeschool this week…
As a family we are working on Greek studies for a homeschool event I co-host called World Travelers. Each month a new month is chosen and the kids can study anything they want about it. Then we all meet together at the library to stand up in front of others and tell about what you have learned.I created this group to get the kids used to public speaking, something many adults have issues with. We all also made constellation cans will do a separate blog post on that on Monday.

My 10 yr old chose to speak about the battle of Marathon and discuss the Pincer technique that help defeat the Persians.

My 5 year old is talking about Flamingos that are found on the coast of Greece and on the Greek islands. She has been obsessed with Flamingos since we were at the zoo earlier this week and wanted me to buy a stuffed flamingo. I told her if she helped with chores and learned all about Flamingos I would go back and buy it for here. As soon a she got home she logged right on to and spent 2 hours learning about them. She also made an Athena toilet paper roll doll.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Well this may seem like a no brainer but, my younger children really need to be engaged in new projects often. They have problems just going to the toy room and finding something FUN to play with. I repeatedly told them to play but they would just keep bugging me. This was
the first week that they have been stuck in the house almost the whole week because of the rain.I Need to get more indoor stuff planned to
keep the littles occupied now that the weather is getting rainier and colder.

I am inspired by
My dad, he has Cancer and is going through radiation while my brother is cleaning his house (my dad is a hoarder) so that my brother can move in with him to help him out.Getting rid of all his junk has been very hard on him but he knows it needs to be done and is coping well. He has also lost 30 lbs by changing the way he eats to the Paleo diet I told him to try to help fight his cancer.My husband has also lost 25 lbs by getting rid of processed foods ...YAY!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We went to the last minor league baseball game of the season, and to the zoo to sketch Giraffes.

I’m cooking…
Not really cooking but I will be trying a pumpkin smoothies recipe tomorrow for breakfast.
I did cook a delicious roasted steak and peppers with Italian seasoning it was so savory. My mouth is watering just thinking about my leftovers for tomorrow.

My favorite thing this week...
Listening to my 5 year old having circle time with her dolls this week and telling me that she couldn't do circle time with me yet because she had to read 2 stories to her girls (dolls and stuffed animals) first...... It was soooooooo cute.

link to share...
WE LOVE FREERICE.COM my son has been earning Rice while learning for 4 years you should check it out. They have many other subjects: basic math, algebra, grammar, world capitols, chemicals symbols etc..

APlay Freerice and feed the hungry

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