Friday, September 30, 2011

A mix of things, end of Sept. projects

This week was not as productive as I would have liked but we did what we did and the week is over. I have been more structured with my oldest and less structured with my little ones.

My 10 year old memorized Where the Sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstien this week for his memory work. My goal is to have him memorize 5-6 poems a year this was his first poam that he picked out.

We made frescos but they did not turn out so well. We will try repeating them again next week.

Our science experiment for the week was making a mini city and testing how a city near the desert would be best protected by wind and sand

small shrubs (we used short pipe cleaners)20 ml of sand in the city
tall trees (tall pipe cleaners)40 ml of sand was in the city
and a fence (craft sticks broken in half)5 ml of sand was in city
with out any protection from the wind 80 ml was in the city

we used a blow dryer on high for 30 seconds

The 5 yr old made this for her big brother out of modling clay and she wanted me to post a picture of it.

State study Georgia
We learned about all things GA and how peanuts were planted there. We also read about George Washington Carver then of course went out side to eat peanut.
Playing in the peanut shells were just as fun as eating them

even the squirrels were happy we had nuts out.

My son has been very into Naruto and asked me if he could watch an episide for his free reading time because its all subtitles and he has to read everything because they speak japanese. I told him NO! but it was a nice try!

This is Kiba his favorite character.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

What a neat study about deserts and wind protection!

What's "frescoes"? Never heard of them! LOL

Phyllis said...

What a fun week of learning! I would love to eat peanuts outside, too!

Mama Bird said...

Made I should have been more ... Fresco is when you paint on wet plaster. We had issues with our plaster drying yo fast then bring to wet then after we figured it out the paint showed up so light. So since we bought a HUGE bag of plaster from home depot we will try again :)

mama hall said...

looks like a fun and busy week. i love it when learning is made fun- like eating peanuts outside with squirrels and making loved ones with modelling clay. :) have a great week!