Friday, October 7, 2011

Get up and Dance, see Cookie Monster then go to Jail

Sometimes you just gotta get up and dance. On Friday I decided to pop in the kids Halloween CD from the library which prompted all the kids to come in and start dancing. I had so much fun with them for 45 mins and monster dancing craziness. I need to get fun kids CD's more often and do this, especially with winter coming. It will be a great way to get out energy. The kids made up all sorts of dancing games. A favorite was yelling "Boo!" at each other and then falling over in fear. My neighbors might have been wondering why I was blasting Ghostbusters and Thriller at 10 o'clock in the morning. They already know I am strange though. I was caught by my neighbor over the weekend in his driveway with a flashlight, spray bottle and a camera trying to get a perfect shot of a spider web.I like being strange through it's better than being a sheep!

Baking was a topic we touched on this week. We made our first loaf of gluten free bread and topped it with home made butter and apple butter that we made for our ongoing American Girl history unit. we Also baked Swedish lemon squares and enjoyed them during our afternoon tea time we started.

Books we read are
The Little Red Hen
A Little Bit of Love (cute story about baking with love)
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Bakers (Lemon meringue made lemon squares just like we did for Sweden Studies)

Field trips:
We went to the library and saw cookie monster. Our library just got a grant from PNC bank so there was a great event that the kids could take part in. They had a photo studio set up to dress up an any career and get you picture taken in front of a green screen that they digitally added a themed background to. Falcon dresses as a doctor it was the closest thing to a biologist, Robin dresses as a ballerina zookeeper, duck dressed as a construction worker, and owl dresses as a firefighter. It came in a nice frame and everything for free ,Yay! We also ran into our neighbors there that just started homeschooling.

Cookie Monster holding Owl's toy Cookie Monster!

Our city just opened a police museum. The museum was run by retired police officers who loved sharing their stories with us. The kids got their mugshots taken and got to climb in an old fashioned police wagon.A big hit from the museum was the small jail cell they had, they used original bars taken from the first jail in our town.The kids really liked locking me up as well as each other.

I really enjoyed looking at the wall of mugshots taken from pickpockets in the 1800's

It was a small museum and was not worried about my kids wandering around until Owl was missing I couldn't find him anywhere. I finally looked in the back of the police wagon and he was just laying in there content as can be strapped down to the gurney. Robin strapped him in then left him there. It was a little funny but I was trying not to laugh as I was explaining to Robin that what she did was not nice.

Meet Siren she was a kitten that lives there.

One of the the cats that lives at another police station had babies and gave other police stations the kittens to keep. Very cute! My kids loved the cat just as much as the rest of the museum.

I enjoyed playing mancala outside on a warm sunny day. I beat
Falcon 3 times in a row which is unusual because Mancala is a very mathematical game, and well, I suck at math. I was excited to win, he was a sore loser though and cried about it! Yes, my 11 yr old cried because he lost a game! Robin was watching and very interested so I showed her how to play she caught on very quickly, I did let her win though. Once she gets the hang of it I will play to my fullest though.


Amy said...

What a fun week! :) So awesome you guys have libraries to go to! :) Here on our island we dont have one! ... I do however have all of my books from childhood-highschool! :) so lots to choose from :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Little Badgers Academy said...

Oh, don't even start me on "losing the game" part. I found out this week, that apparently all of mine are sore losers too. Well, except for a 3-year old, she always wins! LOL
Looks like a fun and busy week. Enjoyed reading about your museum and library trips. So much fun!
Thanks for stopping by!

MommyKuehner said...

I so need to get some tips on Mancala from you. The kids really love that game. Especially Lydia. I still struggle a bit understanding if I am teaching it right.

We are so sorry we missed the Police Museum. It looks like so much fun!

Great week!

wdworkman said...

The Police Museum sounds neat! I've never seen anything like that.

Jenny said...

My kids love dancing to Ghostbusters, ha. I bet your kids had a really fun week - sounds like it! (And I can't wait to do an American Girl unit with my daughter.)