Friday, October 14, 2011

A jouney to Sweden, camping and Game play.

The country our homeschool group was studying this month was Sweden. Falcon chose to do his presentation as if he was a travel agent trying to sell tickets to Sweden. He chose 3 locations and in Sweden and explained the many tourist attractions at each all the while adding humor and facts of Sweden along the way. He did a GREAT job on this project and wish I would have video taped it. Robin did a lapbook and included such things as the Great Grey owl (which is found in Sweden and is one of the Worlds largest owls with its wingspan reaching 5 feet) and Pippy Longstocking. She did very well herself and she was very proud of herself.

An over all theme I worked on with my littles was a camping theme this will be a 2 week unit and we will be working on it next week as well.

A book favorite of mine was Mr. Magee and his camping Spree, Curious George Goes Camping was fun too!

I stopped by Barnes & Nobles and was able to get these items for 75% off

This Magic School Bus Human body kit will be great when we do the human body in a few months.

These 2 games were quick fun learning games to help with colors and math skills. They loved using the turtle shells to hold the bones in. They also loved the dog game so much we picked up some polymer clay to make more dog bones to make this weekend for more math games I thought up. Great buy for 3 bucks a piece.

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Abby said...

Okay, I'm so jealous that you purchased the Magic School Bus science kit for 75% off! Not to long ago, I purchased the exact same kit for $18. I'll have to run out to our B & N to see if they have other MSB kits on sale. Science for our youngest DD is based on various MSB kits.

Great job on your kiddos presentations! Very impressive. Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap-Up!