Thursday, January 5, 2012

Avalanche at Mount Hubba Bubba

We Read:

Then we made our own snow capped mountain (pillows, stuffed animals, throw rugs, and blankets covered with mattress pads to create our snow)

This is Mount Hubba Bubba he first mountain we built. There were usually 2 or 3 kids behind the mountain ready to push the pile down to the other kids on the steps or bottom of the stairs.Many children fell tumbled down the mountain as well but no injuries ever occurred due to all the cushions.

The snow (pillows and such) cascading down the mountain (stairs)

Now placing animals and Ice pixies on the mountain to see what would happen when the avalanche occurred.

Things did not go well for the animals nor the Ice pixie. It took us awhile to dig them out.

This was a great activity to get out some energy. All my children were eager to run up and down the stairs to build, and then cause avalanches again and again. I even got a great workout doing this. Falcon said this was the most fun science class ever! It was really fun to create different types of avalanches to discover what would be the most destructive.

Geography skills were used while we looked for mountain ranges on the map and found the Alps and the Rockies which is where the most avalanches occur.


"Say What?" said...

Fun! Fun!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOL What kid doesn't like pushing stuff down the stairs?? My kids would love this! Great idea!

Brittney said...

I know my boys would enjoy this...they are always making piles for jumping!


Tracy said...

fun and cute idea! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us at NOBH!