Friday, July 6, 2012

Melting In My Chair!

It's a scorcher out there. Most of the US is in record high heat this week, including us. Being in the 100's is not normal up here in the north and I am not happy about it. We do not have central air and the heat actually makes me physically sick due to varies medical conditions. So we have not accomplished that much school work this week because I just have not been feeling well.

We saw  BRAVE last weekend before Papabird left for Argentina ( he was nice and cool there this week since it is winter there while we were sweltering up here in the far north). I really enjoyed the movie and my homeschool brain was working  overtime watching it while thinking of all the educational opportunities it could bring. The plan this week was to do a BRAVE theme week. Studying Scotland, Bears, and vikings. We didn't get that far due to my lack of motivation to teach in this heat but we did get started. Here is a link to some craft ideas I found. We didn't get to that many of them and will continue more next week.

We did some archery

On the fourth of a July we went to a minor league baseball game and baked in the stands in 100 degree weather. Thankfully there was a quick rain that cooled it off a bit. After the game we stayed to see the fireworks that our city shoots of just 2 blocks from the stadium. This was the first time that Duck was able to see them, he usually falls asleep. He said "this is so cool I'm going to dream about this" so cute.

Duck enjoying a hot dog at the game sitting the the cement instead of his seat, go figure!
At the start of the game we heard Amazing Grace playing on the bagpipes, a wonderful tie in to our Scottish discussions this week!

Fourth of July wands we made wand brought with us to the baseball game

We cooled off my making fun nature cubes to play with in our sand water table.

A thunderstorm blew threw our city and took out tons of trees power lines and wrecked houses. We were lucky enough not to have been hit my mother in law was not so lucky she had 3 HUGE trees come down in her yard and on her porch but thankful not her house.
It was in the high 90's after the rain but the kids insisted on wearing their new rain jackets. They love running through puddles and splashing. Owl brought a cup with him and filled it with water from a puddle and drank it (YUCK!) before I could tell him no!

Falcon was shaking the tree to make in rain on Robin, Duck and Owl if you look closely you will see the water falling down.

Falcon Finished  reading:

I asked him to write a book report on it with the help of this awesome website it's a fun site that helps kids put together a book report like layers on a sandwich.

I am reading:
I read through the first book last week. It was good, just not as good as the Hunger Games or the Twilight series. It is defiantly very adult in context though. So far this book is better than book 1.

Noway, not in this heat! We have been eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and more ice cream than I usually let the kids have.


Shelly @ Homeschooling Without Labels said...

I can't remember if we have communicated before or not, but we must live somewhat near each other! It is currently 109 degrees at our house but it's been so hot we have not even picked up all the sticks and limbs from last week's storms. My heart goes out to you as I sit here in the air conditioning! We also saw "Brave" last week. It was cute, especially since I have a red headed daughter!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

You must be looking forward to fall, huh? It's been in the mid 80s here...and I think that's warm! LOL

Thanks so much for sharing that sandwich book report site! I couldn't get it to make a sandwich for some reason...internet connection?...but I'm going to try it out again. I think the kids might enjoy that for next year!

Stay cool!