Friday, June 29, 2012

2 ER Trips, Yummy Blueberries and Muddy Shoes.

In my life this week...

Owl broke out in a strange rash so I took him to the ER which usually means I am going to sit there for 3 hours before being seen but that night we were lucky there was no wait at all we walked right in and was seen by a Ped within 5 minutes.  On the way in Owl noticed the moon and asked me where the other half was he was very concerned that it was broken because it was not big and round like it was the last time he saw it. It was so cute!He quickly diagnosed Owl with hand mouth and foot virus and said that for whatever reason they have seen more cases this year and more severe cases than any other year. So we literally left after just 15 minutes, Yay!. Now just to cross my fingers that my other kids do not catch it. Owl has it the worst on his boy parts and I cringe ever time he goes pee because it looks like it would hurt so bad but it doesnt seem to bother him. it seems like everytime I look at him more spots show up and more scab over.

Earlier in the week I was seen at the ER as well, doing something stupid of course. I have been riding my bike every evening after the kids are in bed. A favorite place I like to ride is through a cemetary near my house. The gates are closed but I found a place near a side street that the gate is missing so I sneak in there! Oh yes, tresspassing! It's a lovley place to ride a bike it is very pretty with lots of trees, a lake and many very beautiful old graves from the 1800's. I really do love cemetaries so full of history. I'll take some pictures and opst them next week. Anyhow there is a hidden service path that has a nice hill. I was just picking up speed down the hill while standing up when I decided to change the song on my ipod. Thats when I saw a branch  right in front of me on the road, I hit it then went flying over the top and slide down hill on concrete about 5 more feet. To top it all off I landed on a huge pile of carpenter ants carrying eggs, they were all over me for quite some time because I was to hurt to move. I am very brusied up I have at least a dozen bruises the size of apples and ripped open my elbow which I cracked to notches out of my ulna. I am healing well though and back to bike riding just taking it a little easy for a bit while I am healing.
Lesson learned: Do not ride a bike 1 handed standing up while accelerting downhill changing the song on your ipod!
Shopping list this week: Buy a helmet what could have happened scares me (alone in a cemetary at night without a way for an EMT to find me!)

I spent quite a bit of time working on field trips, classes and co op planning for next school year. I am trying to have it all done and organized by  the first week of Aug  for the  school whole year.

We went Blueberry picking on Monday and got about 15 lbs of bluberries before my kids didnt want to pick anymore. I think we will go back next week and pick some more.

Duck taking his time to looking for the biggest and most plump berries.

 The kids were very excited to see that the goats on the farm had babies.

In our Homeschool week...
We went out to paint some works of art like Monet at a local garden. The kids worked hard to  make similar brush strokes like Monet did. Here they are doing waterlillies (a favorite subject of Monet)

Falcon and Robin working on their paintings, Duck and Owl were busy throwing leaves and sticks in the water and watching the ripples.

Falcon is still chugging along through his studies he is almost through reading Michael Vey which was a suggestion by my friend Aby.At the gardens this week Falcon caught this awesome picture. Its a bit out of focus but if you look closely you can see the worm hanging out of the Robin's mouth.

Robin has been reading like crazy and is reading  through the Magic Tree House books as of this week she has read through books 1-5 She loves answering the questions on the website when the story is over. Her comprehension is not that great yet but we will work on that. Robin and I have just started working on her new Brownie books A World of Girls we are almost through with the book and all the activites that go along with it. A great book we came across that fits well  with our around the world theme was Isabella Girl On The Go a  great story about a girl with a BIG imagination that visits favorite landmarks arcoss the globe.

Owl has been practing his writing on one of those wipe off type books.

Duck is still working on counting, he likes to skip numbers still.

A lesson my children taught ME this week....

Shoes are not ment to stay on your feet to keep them clean and dry.....

they are ment to be taken off and used to store mud and water and transport it from place to place. I guess I have being doing all the wrong things with my shoes!

I am reading...

This is defintaly not my style of book but it has recieved so much fuss that I just had to see what it was all about. I am only in about 5 pages so far.
This was yet another book not typical of my tastes but my favorite librarian siad that it was such a good book that she couldnt put it down so I am giving it a try. I am about 1/4 into the book so far and its not bad but its not one of those books that I go out of my way to read.

Whats cooking this week...
Not much actually cooking  but lots of salads, and raw fruits and veggies.

A little note...spell check wasn't working in blogger this week so I am sure you will find plenty of mistakes. I was to lazy busy to copy and paste it into word to check it.


Ashley Pichea said...

It sounds like you've had quite an eventful week. Glad you weren't more seriously injured!

Meg Hykes said...

What a week! Wow! Oh my goodness I LOVE the photos with the shoes! Those are definitely ones to treasure!

Jenni Ryan said...

Wow!! So glad you weren't hurt more than you were. Sounds like a wild week! Hope you are all feeling better soon and have a great weekend!

Shelly @ Homeschooling Without Labels said...

So glad you weren't hurt any worse! Take it easy next time! :O) I just wish we had hills around here to make it a bit more interesting!

Shelly @ Homeschooling Without Labels said...

So glad you weren't hurt any worse! Take it easy next time! :O) I just wish we had hills around here to make it a bit more interesting!

Jen said...

thanks for visiting my blog

my computer problem has been solved thanks to my wonderful computer guru
bless him

wow!! re the A and E with your son. I so know how long one usually has to wait

I like anything old and cemeteries are interesting places arent they. Good on you for exercising too. Hope youre feeling better soon

YUM!! blueberries

how funny kids are love the lesson you learnt off them

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Ouch! How are you and your son doing with weekend?

I had to LOL at the shoes! It looks really familiar! My youngest son uses his croc to scoop out sediment from the bottom of our brook. Ick! And then rinse the shoes off with the hose and off he goes! LOL

We like visiting OLD cementaries too. Some people think it's spooky, but it's quite interesting. There is a family plot on the next road that we walk by sometimes. One grave is on an infant boy that lived only 3 days. We try to leave wild flowers there (if it's not winter).

~Holly said...

I'm reading the 50 Shades trilogy too, I really don't see what all the hype is about! I wish there was more "story" part, than the other parts! The second book is better than the first so far!

Stefanie said...

Oh my! Glad you are okay. I recently finished that trilogy and I wasn't impressed either.