Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Simple Goals for 2013

My 5 goals for the year 2013.
1. The most important goal for me this year  is to let go, just breath and walk away from those who are negative and want drama and chaos in their lives.I have come across  Zen and really like the ideas, this website I have found very helpful. 

I have a had a difficult year full of family drama, negativity, bad news and stress it has affected me in ways I do not like. My primary goal in life is to be the best mom I can be and this year I feel that was not always in the best of moods which has affected my children. I have come to the difficult decision that if I need to distance myself from those who are not happy to make a better life for my kids then I will, they are my priority.
I love rainbows they make me smile! When I was a kid my mom decorated our bathroom in all rainbows we had a rainbow rug, shower curtain towels and all the accessories it as so fun. I just pinned this cute rainbow craft on my pinterest page, planning on making it soon with my kiddos,

2. I am going to set aside time each week where Falcon and I take the time to write our books, helping to motivate each other. Who knows we could succeed and be duel published!

3. Play more games with my kids and try to focus more on fun hands on learning instead of lots of book work.
Funny that this is just a web image I picked out but we actually own this game but have only played it once, guess I will move it to the top of our game playing pile especially since the kids were playing with the display just last week at the teacher supply store.

4.Continue working out and do at least two  5-7 day juice fasts in 2013.
I love the message in this picture, so true!

5. Continue on with our famous artists study and introduce famous composers as well. We will study 12 composers and 12 artists making a replica painting of each artist.
The Van Gogh  replica we did last year that I framed and hung above the stove.

Curious to see how I did on my goals last year? Read below:

My 5 Simple Goals in 2012

1. Write at least 1000 words a week for my novel in hopes of completing it by August 2012

Did I complete that NO but I did make progress toward that goal I did write every week for the first few months but it died down. My 12 year old thought that it was really neat that I was writing so he started writing a book as well. Him and I both don't write as much as we  would like we both want to write but just find other things to do instead.So  for the year 2013 Falcon and I have decided to set aside time each we were we will both sit down and write.

2. Make a kids created monthly scrapbook.
Did I do this? NO, we did for the first 3 months but nothing after that I am hoping to spend the rest of our winter break finishing that up. What I did do though is photo project that was called "Our Lives in 366 days" ( leap year in 2012) I posted a picture a day on facebook of our everyday lives with a little snippet on what we were doing in that picture. It was such a fun project I LOVED  doing it and I LOVE looking back though the pictures. I can't wait to put all the pictures into an album.

3.Do yoga at least 2 nights a week
Did I do this? NO, I did at first but I made excuses, got lazy and just didn't follow through.
I do not plan on  trying to make this a goal for next year but I would like to check out a new Bikram Yoga studio near my house.

4.Jog outside, kids free at least once a week.
Did I do this? NO I did more! I stared out just running  once a week then as the year progressed I started adding more and more workouts in. As soon as it got warm I would ride my bike every night. It was so nice to have some alone time and just pop in my ear buds turn the music up LOUD and sweat. I lost 35 lbs this year. I also tried my first juice fast. That was an amazing experience it was very hard but I felt so great afterward.

5. A year long study of 12 famous artists. Each month we will focus on one 1 artist and create an art project replica of a famous painting.
Did I do this? NO, we did not  study an artist every month but we did focus more on famous artists and we studied at least 7 and did replicas of their work.I will be continuing this onto next year striving for 12 new artists instead of just 7.

Here is one of the famous artist projects that we did last year. Robin won 1st place in the State fair for this one.

I did not complete each of the 5 goals  exactly as I had set for myself but I did move forward and am happy with my progress. I strongly believe that if I had not set any goals, I would not have achieved these great results. I am very happy with myself for what I did accomplish.


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Good for you to set goals. I should do it more often:) Thanks for sharing on the NOBH