Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Terrible 2's? More like terrible twosome.

I should have known today was not going to be a great day when a black bird flew into my windshield on the express way causing my heart to stop and almost an accident as well. How is the bird you ask? Well probably pretty dead I was going 70mph.

My 2 boys Duck (age 5) and Owl (age 4) have been terrors lately doing things my other 2 kids never did.After dinner today I sent them outside to play while I folded laundry in the living room.

There was a lot of giggling outside and screaming too which is never a good combo. I thought about getting up to look but I was just too tired from a day of yelling at these boys, at least they are outside I thought.  They are probably throwing dirt at one another. ( I wish) Duck came to the door teary eyed  with human feces all over his hands and said,
" I am sorry mom I had an accident"
I am mad but feeling bad for him at this moment because he has diarrhea. So I reply kind of calmly,
"How did the poop get on your hands then? Did you get it on them on purpose and chase your brother?
" Uh.......Yes"

So I take him is the house and get him and his clothes all clean, while I am doing this my 2 older kids come in and give me more pieces of this poop puzzle that I was not aware of. Evidently Duck had reached into his pants and threw poop all over his younger brother.
 So now Owl is covered in  human feces.


Luckily Falcon cleaned him up for me as best he could with hose water outside while I was cleaning up his brother inside.

There was poop all over the door knobs, poop on toys, poop on the garage. At least this is all outside not on my curtains, on my couch, on my carpet etc... ( silver lining).

I am so very thankful that I did not know right away what  Duck did or I may have just lost it right then and there in the doorway of my house. Hearing about what happened  in stages was much easier to deal with I stayed  pretty calm (more so than I did last week when the boys had a war with the white school glue and covered each other and the dining room in it!)

Who ever said having  2 kids close is age of the same sex is great ....they were WRONG.  Must have been the one that said childbirth doesn't hurt! Instead of 1 kid getting into trouble I have 2 always conspiring together and causing such havoc.

In the last 2 weeks my boys have:

1. Got into the chicken run and romped around in the coop in all the chicken poop covered straw.

2.Let the chickens free when the dogs were out ( our 2 large dogs want to eat the chickens) feathers were everywhere but no one was killed!

3. Had a war with white glue and squirted each other and the dining room in.

4. Pulled up all my gardening stones and threw them all over the yard.

5. Ripped up all Robin's milkweed that we had planted to help save the monarch's.

6. Made mud in the outside dog water and threw it at the house.

I know that I will look back at these times and laugh and miss them dearly. My boys are now all clean and tucked snugly into their beds ( maybe). They may actually be wandering about the house causing more boy trouble. As I kissed Duck and hugged him I said to him ,"you know mama still loves you even when you make me mad and do bad things" his eyes got wide and  he replied " You do?" "Yes dear one I do!"

I am planning on making some clean mud with the boys in the next week maybe doing this will curb their need to creates  other messes. Hopefully my neighbor will let me use her microwave for this since our tree-hugging family does not own one.

I also need to make a batch of this fall playdoh 

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MommyKuehner said...

WOW!!! I am now grateful my two boys didn't get into that much trouble when they were that age!