Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back on track and chugging along.......

 School and stuff...
Is working on his highschool courses but this week he did not get very far. He got poison ivy all over his face doing work at Papabirds office. It was so bad his face was super swollen and his eyes were almost swollen shut. He still looks bad but its getting a bit better his eyes are halfway open now.

Is working on the 3 types of rock, today we made an edible Igneous rock.

The littles 
Are both working on Kindergarten this year and they have been loving reading eggs so far,
We were working on letter sounds in the driveway, they had to hop to the correct letter sound. They were also working on the words am, at, and I. Farther down in the driveway they working on grouping things in the number I had written down.

Our Travels this week...
Have you tried it? Well I have known about it for awhile but never gave it a go until this week. So armed with my GPS we headed out to 3 locations, the first 2 were a bust and we could not find them. We did however find lots of litter, dog poop and poison ivy, ICK! Third time is the charm through we finally found one at our 3rd location. After dinner Falcon was chomping at the bit to head back out so Papabird watched the littles and we headed out on our bikes to two locations about a mile away.

We found both 
 This was a nano, the log book was in the green canister and the was hidden in a street lamp.
Hidden in a tree.

The Orchard
We  headed to the orchard to pick peaches, apples and went through a corn maze

took us about 25 min. to find our way out.

In my life...
Still feeling pretty sick but almost  at my 2nd trimester so hopefully relief is in sight. 

I went to a friends house and learned how to make my own yogurt and lacto fermented cabbage. I am so excited to start these on my own next week.

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