Monday, January 13, 2014

Alligators on a snowed in week.

Snow, Snow Snow....

There has been a lot of snow since Jan. 1st when it all started coming down. I think total accumulation is now at 22 inches  which really isn't a lot especially spread out over 6 days but since we have had pretty mild winters the last few years people have become spoiled.

The city got all panicky and went to the grocery store Saturday before we had the last 8 inches dumped on us. I heard from my facebook friends posting pictures that this is what the stores looked like. We stayed home and had a house full of food ( I could have used a few more fresh fruits and veggies) but I stayed home and did not go out into the sea of panic stricken crazy people.

To start our school week with my littles ( 4 and 6 year old) we are learning about Alligators. It was Duck's idea since he needed to to learn about a reptile for his zoo class this month I just made a week of it.

We watched

and this one for fun, I just love the Charlie and Lola but it just figures that the ONE EPISODE that was about alligators was scratched and would only play for 7 minutes, dang library!

We read a handful or fiction and non fiction alligator books
A favorite was 

We did a  Alligator themed color by number page 
and an Alligator  handwriting page 
We added those to  this Alligator shape book. 
 This is the front of Duck's and the back of Owl's
 Inside of Duck's
A picture of Owl's Alligator  inside his book because I thought the pink and yellow polka dot's were just too cute not to share!

After a week long study on Alligators these are questions I asked the littles at the dinner table to show off what they learned in front of Papabird.

1.Are Alligators mammals or reptiles? Mammals  WRONG
2. What do they eat? Fish  RIGHT
3.So what are meat eaters called? Cannibals  WRONG, close but not quite
4. What are the differences in Crocodiles and Alligators? I don't know
5.How big is a baby Alligator? 10cm WRONG 10 in. close though.

Sigh, they knew all these answers all week but not when quizzed at the end of the week at the table. Papabird just gave me this look like (what DID you do all week?) 

You win some you lose some!

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MommyKuehner said... kids do that routine every time I ask them questions.