Sunday, February 9, 2014

Surprise baby shower!

I love my homeschool friends they are always in my thoughts. I am always feeling so blessed to know them all. I love that they are always willing to help, share advice, curriculum and so much more.

A few of us had made plans to meet at a coffee shop for some mom time and adult conversation without the constant interruption of kids. What I did not know is that they had planned a surprise baby shower for me. I was so SHOCKED, they totally got me! I kept saying "I don't like surprises" but that is really not true. I do like surprises but they just don't ever happen to me and I  never know how to react because I am such a I  control freak.The idea of not being in control of a situation is very scary to me. I would rather be the one doing the surprising than  the one being surprised because I can control the surprise and am not caught off guard. I did feel so loved by this awesome outpouring of generosity from my friends. I hope they know how much I appreciate them.

I feel so blessed to have these great friends who went through all this trouble for me.

I am always early to stuff so all my friends showed up 30 min before they told me to be there AND then I even showed up late because 2 of the moms who said they are going to be there are always late. They were actually starting to worry that I wasn't  going to show.
My poor friend Amanda who actually did a lot of planning never came because I basically dis invited her! Not knowing there was a surprise I called her asking that if she was going I was not going to go. You see,  her 4 kids have had a stomach virus for about  2 weeks and I told her I did not want to risk being around her and get a stomach bug 37 weeks pregnant with 4 kids. I sure felt bad when I realized what had happened I wanted to cry!

I want to say a big

To all my friends who helped make this such a great day and surprise I am truly blessed to know all of you.

Now some pics

I love the soft pastel colors of this blanket
 from my friend Holly, she is so talented.

A tiny cloth diaper set I am not sure if my baby will ever fit into since I grow my babies  HUGE!
Wool owl soaker and hat and socks Holly made.

Some onesies washcloths and assorted baby items.
I also received an assortment of gift cards to baby stores and a massage.

I had 3 balloons; a boy, girl and unisex balloon as was putting them in the car I noticed I only had  I looked up and the blue one flew away and was already over the coffee house! I am going go take that as a sign that maybe I am having a girl!

And a funny belly picture my oldest took this morning , my kids find it hilarious that around the house I wear regular clothes that my belly sticks out of!

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