Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workout Wednsday 8 weeks postpartum. #1

What is workout Wednesday ?
Well  at least once a month (maybe even 4 times a months) I will post what I am doing during my workouts, my weight-loss ,  and a current favorite healthy meal or snack (maybe both.)

I am really an all or nothing type of person. I wanted to jump right into working out  doing high intensity interval training again but I know I need to start slow, as I have had a few set backs in recovery already doing too much too soon ( blood clots, hemorrhaging and mastitis),

My workouts:
So here  is what I have been doing since May 1st.
Walking -about a mile or two each walk in the park with the kids.
Bike riding -Robin and I went on a few 30 min bike rides (she doesn't go as fast as I like but her legs are much smaller than mine, so a light easy bike ride for me is a hard bike ride for her.) When I go on bike rides with her I try and stand as much as possibly holding a squat position just over my seat to make it more of a workout.)

I have gone on a few bike rides by myself. I go much farther, faster and longer by myself.

 I started the 30 day challenge with the kids every day we All do the squats and push-ups.

A few times this month   I did my squats while holding the baby. Not because I wanted to but because she was cranky and wanted to be held, and not be  put down. So I had the extra added bonus of 14  more pounds to lift yay!

My favorite  snack this week:

Sugar snap peas with some organic Greek dressing.

Weight loss - 4 pounds.

I have been quite sore, but it is the kind of sore that I LOVE. It is the feeling of getting stronger and reshaping my body.