Saturday, November 8, 2014

I am privileged

As I pack up all the  stuff that has accumulated in my house over the last 6 year I  realize I am privileged.

We were supposed to move in 12 weeks ago. We have had many set backs that have made me want to stomp, scream and have a full blown 2 year old tantrum.

A few weeks back a cried I was MAD at the house things were just not going right I wanted to kick it. Instead I used brute force to chisel off the glued on bulletin board in the kitchen......

Ah release of endorphins  from working up a sweat,, that's better!

We were going to have a moving truck yesterday and make the big official move when the well pump went out ( we knew we were on borrowed time from the beginning!)

Now we must halt moving in. Not having  water is not going to work! I was mad, sad and frustrated again.

As I went to reach for something that s boxed away I thought to myself:

I have 2 sets of clothes out ( I could rewash those every other day here if I needed until we move. Some people only have 1 set of clothes and no where to wash them

I have food in the house and 1 pot not packed. I can eat I will not go hungry.

I have shelter and a warm bed.

I have my children's smiles and warm hugs.

I have chicken providing me eggs right now!

I am privileged I have so much more than so many in the world.

We knew buying a farmhouse would be hard work, we knew we would have to get a fixer upper in order to affords a good chunk of land..... I am privileged!

Some house pictures....
 The long hallway of shelves, These fit mason jars perfectly!
Getting cleaner slowly, Falcon digging in Robins Halloween candy.

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