Tuesday, December 2, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

Rainbows, I love them and rainbow colored anything.

My favorite color is white

I love Gingerbread people, strangely enough I own very few things with gingerbread people on it or gingerbread people in general I am just too cheap to buy them for myself. Seems like frivolous buy. So I buy things functional instead. I would love one year to own a bunch of Ginger people.

Pumpkin pie. I eat it year round. I LOVE IT!

So you want to know what going on with the house instead of my favorite things......... well you will just have to wait until I can find the cord to upload pictures to my Pc.

As for homeschooling we are back in the swing of things now doing a full load of work and playing catch up on time lost.

All morning I school the kids, then do farm chores then spend the rest of the night trying to un pack things and shuffle stuff around because we are still living in a house under construction.

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