Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tea on Tuesday week 2

The kids were super sad that no one sent us any mail this week even though we sent out 8! I explained to them that we should get some soon and that we just got started.

Book we read:

This is a great book from serious to silly there is something to please for all.

One that got many giggles from the Kids was Toot Toot!
I was excited to remember I had these peanut butter sandwich cards for bulletin boards that would make a great  item to send along this week. Peanut poetry right on a peanut butter sandwich, how fun!.

                   We also sent a peanut plant worksheet to most everyone
What we ate:

We had quite the buffet today, Strawberries, sliced peppers, cucumbers, warm peanuts, and peanut butter cookies. Funny that we were actually eating peanut butter cookies click here for the gluten free recipe.

"Warm peanuts just like the Ballpark" says Falcon

Tea we drank:

The kids are really loving this tea suggest by Falcon's friend when he was over a few weeks back and saw me drinking Chai tea.

Simile fun!

So during tea time we worked on coming up with similies that went along with colors on the paint samples I had on hand. ( I always keep these suckers around for projects) The kids had  some fun coming up with new ways to describe things.

Blue as a painful raindrop that got squished - said Owl

Why was the raindrop in pain I asked? " Because he is fall then got squished when he landed...duh!" Well that makes sense to me!

Green as a juicy south American kiwi - said Falcon
I really want a kiwi now!

Robin and Duck has an especially hard time with this assignment. We sent along paint samples with our new poem so our friends could try this activity too!

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