Saturday, January 17, 2015

5 days a week!

The kids broke an overhead light in the rec room that is a WRECK from moving. Open boxes everywhere, baskets of laundry,toy bins. There was glass in everything I had to spend the ENTIRE DAY cleaning and dumping everything out. I wanted to cry, it was a nightmare. This is the room that baby Canary hangs out in as well as the rest of us so I had to make sure that it was clean so Canary didn't put it in her mouth. I told all the kids to get out, then grounded them all for the next week NO ELECTRONIC AT ALL!
Tea and poetry


A trip to see Great papa bird at his new independent living apartment. The kids enjoyed playing Shuffleboard while Robin  went door to door selling Girl Scout cookies.

 Papabird said he was feeling like he was going to vomit ( he always says that I really think he needs to eat better and see a doctor) so I did not think anything of it. While we where at zoo class he texted me and asked if I would come and get him as he was very ill and clearly had a stomach virus. Uh no, I do not think so... have you throwing up in the car with all 6 of us in it with you. So I told him to stay there until he is better. We own the bldg. and he has a huge  private office with a couch  blankets and pillows plus all the food he could want.  Why expose all of us to that? No thanks. His employees put a skull and cross bones on his door!!! Ha! I am very sad he is sick but seriously why come home and expose us all to it if you do not have to!

After our homeschool zoo class we stopped to check on the polar bears and we got to be nose to nose and hand to paw with this big ole bear.
A brief break from punishment to watch a movie I check out from the library. A great movie based on a true story of a girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark but stayed in high spirits and never let that slow her down from reaching for her dreams. She was homeschooled too! Soul Surfer

Oh, I almost set the dryer on fire as well. I put in a brand new comforter in the dryer and melted part it, dang thing was dry clean only. It helps to read lables! Remember my dryer fire a few years back in the old house read all about it here.Dryer Fire!

Breakfast of champs.
Falcon said I should post the recipe so here it is
Fill blender 1/2 full with packed down spinach, add frozen strawberries and a mix or some type of dark berry ( blueberries, black berries etc)
a banana ( you need this to sweeten it)
some orange juice ( i do not measure)
and coconut oil.

The smoothie will come out looking like a muddy  brownish red from all the spinach

( green egg in the back compliments of  my Easter Egger)

Remember the filtration system we bought? Well the filers are supposed to be good for 6 months here is a picture of ours after 2.5 months
New next to the old
Our water is very hard and very high in iron! We are going to have to rethink how we are using our water and the filtration system. Possibly triple filter it.
A few snowy pics from the farm covered in white!
Burning papers and sticks after sledding ( Yes, we can sled right in our own backyard on our own land!!!!!)
 Cool hole in the pond
Chicken on a barrel

I love all this land... I am sooooooooooooo blessed!

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MommyKuehner said...

I hope no one else gets sick! I love seeing all the pictures of your land. I am glad you have found such a wonderful place!