Sunday, March 15, 2015

Painting like Mr. Popper.

The Mexico goodies hubby brought back.
 Mayan calendar
 Money, a yummy traditional candy,and Canary's Mexican baby name we named Maria Gonzalez
Sugar skull, my favorite!
Can't wait to get the farmhouse kitchen done now. I want the kitchen to look bright and fun with a Mexican flair.

This is the color I am putting on the kitchen walls. (This is a local fused glass studio) I color matched it, bought the paint and it is ready to go up tonight!

My painting jeans - all colors so far from the new house. Soon they will be yellow and orange too!
 I Painted the ceiling at the new house, and hope to get to the wall this week.

We are listening to Mr . Poppers Penguins right now on audio from the library and as I was painting today Duck says to me "Hey you are just like Mr. Popper." (I wish I could hire Mr. Popper to do this right now, I do not care for painting and I really am not very good at it, mainly because I rush ( then drip paint) or roll the paint to this because I do not want to keep going back to the paint tray.

We worked on  the old house getting it ready to paint and after painting there.One room mostly done

My favorite glass globe fell directly on my face when I was dusting it. I  literally saw stars when it came down on my face. It busted open my skin and left quite the lump.

Bye Bye fun mural my little birds painted.

Bye, Bye clouds I painted in Robin's room!

The old house is getting painted white and tan now for the renters!

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MommyKuehner said...

I have a dear friend, who is sweet as can be, her name is Maria I love the new kitchen color.