Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cows, Galaxies, Autism and Math

We made Galexies in a jar

We painted 4 types of Galexies

I was looking for a movie on bullying for the kids to watch (no one is being bullied in our family and my kids are not bullies but I just wanted to watch a movie about it as a family then have a discussion) My many facebook friends gave me a lot of suggestions and Termple Grandin was brought up. It is a true story of a woman with Autism. We have a few autistic friends so I thought this would be a good one to watch.

We watched

I love true stories, so do the kids. Watching this movie really helped make things click in my own head about how people with autism think. I know I will definitely be more patient with our autistic friends from now on. I never really understood!

Watching this movie only made Falcon want a cow for our farm even more. We plan to get one, just maybe not until next year.Click here for the link. Or just watch the video below.

Have you ever seen this cute video of a little girl who let her cow inside the house? It is so cute
Click here to vist the real Temple Grandin's website

We finished up reading

We made our own magic coins and practicing making wishes that would only half come true. It was quite tricky.

The little boys are loving The Life of Fred math books. I wish I would have known about theses earlier. The boys are always asking to hear Fred.

Every morning we check the temperature in the pump house making sure it is not too close to freezing.
 The temperature inside the house in varies rooms.

Then check the outside temp.

They then take turns moving our big thermometer( found at Goodwill for 2 dollars) to the right degree.

We also practice on our mini clocks.

They move the clocks to the correct time at the beginning of math
and at the end of math. Also I ask the children to change the time through out the day.

Mosaics Duck and Owl created to go along with our history and a  Barbarian.

Robin has been working on her Government patch for Girl Scouts.

Here is a poster she did all about a president she chose.

While we were chugging along at the homestead Hubby was beach side in Cancun, Mexico for a conference for our Latin American clients.
 {Green sea turtle just off the coast}
I asked him to bring me back something bright, fun, Mexican, and colorful for the new kitchen that will have a  fun Mexican flair to it.

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