Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring into summer studies

I wanted this school year to be more relaxed as it nears an end I realized it was - maybe a bit too much. We did school but on a slower scale. A good thing? A bad thing?  No need to label it we moved forward. It was hard to get into the swing of things after Falcon started College full time this year at the age of 14. His first Semester he  received 3 A's and 1 B. Pretty proud mom! 3.8 GPA!! As his final Semester is finishing up it looks as if he will get 3 A's and a B again.

Over the school year I finally got mostly unpacked in the house but not all cleaned out. There are still areas of this house that are unfinished and still dusty, dirty and full of  items from  Steve and Julie (people who built this house in 1968 that I have never met.)

This was a year of learning for me- I feel good on how it went and look forward to stepping up our education a little more as we move into spring an onward to summer. As most  homeschool moms  are feeling burnt out by this time of year and ready for a break I am feeling refreshed and ready to start my new school year and farm adventures this summer.

I usually school year round just lighter in the summer.

My spring/summer plans are to rise early to beat the heat! I am not fond of hot summer days. So I plan to get up by 6;30 get breakfast going and start farm work until lunch time.

After lunch will be when school starts and Canary naps. planning to school from 12-3 daily.

4pm will be reading time

6 dinner.

8 inches of snow just a few weeks after spring! That was a first! I was excited though I LOVE snow and was thrilled to see it one more time. What was especially strange was hearing the spring birds chirping while trudging through the snow!!

 Unfrozen pond and loads of snow~ strange!

I thought the snow was a thing of winter not spring so the hammock came out and so did the bikes!!!

The new Pekings from TSC, I hate taking care of messy ducklings but they are sooooooo adorable they make it worthwhile.

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MommyKuehner said...

Awww. The view of the pond is beautiful!!