Friday, December 11, 2015

The Cricket in Times Square

Read Aloud for November:

We all really liked this one, a very fun easy read.

We took a field trip to an Asian food and gift store. We were not impressed, It smelled horribly like dead fish. It was literally so strong It made me want to leave. Here are a few quick pictures I took before we left.
 Canary loved the  the live fish, I do not think she minded the dead fish smell.
 Um, interesting find! No other comment on this tea!
This was not nearly as neat as we expected or as interesting as the shop in the story.

Robin remembered from watching Mulan how Crickets are good luck in China but we never knew the folktale behind it until it was explained in this book.

Super cute candy cane mice we made.

We listened to some of the music the cricket imitated at the newsstand. A Little Night Music by Mozart was a favorite.

We watched videos of a New York Subway train om Youtube.

Papa Bird sent us an image of an airport news stand while traveling to Australia. We discussed that there were news stands still around and that people will read them when commuting to and from places.

Commuting: A new vocab word for all

The kids wrote down foods they discussed in the book and we made a menu to have a special lunch.
This is Robin's list
The little boys made one too, but I could not find theirs for a picture.
If there is a movie based on the book we  for school we watch it when we were done and compare and contrast.

 This time we watched the new Annie movie instead. It is set in  modern day New York so I thought it may be a good movie to reinforce the setting of this novel.

During the movie Duck says to me,"I sure would love to be rich and famous!"
I respond;" Did Chester like it in the story we just read?"
  I do not want to give his answer away if you have not read the book but it was nice to bring to life a lesson  from the book we just read in the story.

Some of the foods we ate during the movie that were mentioned in the book. We had BLT's too but ate those too fast for a picture.

Some other books we read.

The Art project we did this month tying in a character from our story. I wanted the kids to make life- like mice but they had other ideas! 

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