Friday, March 11, 2011

Chile and Mermaids

This week we studied Chile my 4 yr old and I read the book Mariana and the Merchild a folk tale from Chile.This was a great book, full of rich vocabulary and metaphors. We are going to purchase a copy from amazon since we loved our libraries copy.

We then make a pocket out of a manila envelope painted it with watercolors and glued sequins of the sandy bottom (her idea for sunken treasures). This pocket was made to put her mermaids in that I pre drew and cut out she just glued them together, colored them in and added glitter to make it shimmer.(Shimmer was a new vocab word for her from the book.)This weekend I plan on writing some of the vocab words and definitions on the back of the Mermaids then getting them laminated and using them as book marks.

We will be using this book over the next month to do many more underwater type crafts about the vocab words to enhance her learning the rich vocabulary such as...Indigo,crept,dazzled,aquamarine,crimson, shimmered, and many more

A favorite of our Chile studies was the Chilian Shrimp that I made- so yummy!

My oldest did his basic core studies as well as present the information he learned on Chile at our homeschool group event. He also started researching swamps for his research paper he just began.

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MommyKuehner said...

Your kids did an awesome job on Friday!!!!! We are going to buy this book too. Lydia loved the mermaids and is begging to do that too.