Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fairy Houses

The weather here has been very dreary, gray, rainy and cold. We are so sick of being in the house. So,today after I put the baby down for a nap I got myself and the kids dresssed and I said for art today you are going to build a fairy house using only items that you find outside. My 10 yr old was not so excited but by the time we were finished he asked me when we could do another project like this again (smile)This is the one my 10 yr old made.

My 4 yr old was so excited she placed a stepping stone in front of hers that says wonder she said "I put it there because I wonder if the fairies will come or If I will see them." So cute! Here is her fairy house

For our Homeschool girl scout troop we also made fairy houses. We used a castle bank from a Home Depot kids workshop that we never put togather. What fairy wouldn't love a princess castle house? So we built it then painted it with pink glitter. My dad then used his drill to drill out 1.5 inch hole for the fairy door.

Here is our finished indorr fairy house.

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