Monday, July 4, 2011

50 state curriculum

I was originally planning to print pages from this site

As I was 1/2 way through, and using up a ton of ink and paper I came across this book ...

for only $3.95! This would save me a lot of ink and paper. These will be great for the 5 yr old. and I can still print some of the other worksheets for my older son. I love all the word searches. Those are great training activities for his dyslexia

I am planning on going through 1-2 states a week until we work through them all doing them in chronological order of statehoods. We will also be making a timeline.

Here are the books we will be reading on each state

This one is my favorite

This one would bore my 5 yr old but great for my 10 yr old

and lastly!

I plan on making these projects more of a unit study of each state exploring science, history, math and of course geography.

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Martha said...

We are also going through the states, but taking a week or two for each as we fit it in with our other studies.

We are also reading Go Go America and Our 50 States as well as a couple others.