Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodbye Mom.

Finally back in the swing of things after a  3 week break.

During our break we took a family trip to Wrightsville Beach NC.  .I moved here when I was 20 and this  was the first place my mom ever saw the ocean at 48 years old. I was so glad to share that moment with her. She said it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen later that week I took her to the beach at night during a full moon and it was so magical to see the water light up so brightly under a big bright full moon, it is such a breath taking view.

It was my mothers dying wish for her ashes to be placed in the water during a full moon at that exact spot that we were so many years ago. So the trip was a bit bitter sweet as I was going to place my mom in her final resting place.  She died of  pancreatic cancer 4 years ago and  this was the first summer I wasn't pregnant or nursing and was able to make the 17 hour trip with out a screaming baby unhappy to be stuck in a seat that long. It was a beautiful night  Falcon and I went down to the beach alone while the little ones slept in our resort with Papa bird. Falcon poured her ashes slowly in the water under the light of the full moon and when all the ashes were in a HUGE wave came after such small calm waves. I really felt like my mother was there with me at that moment saying thank you. I feel such a relief that she is resting where she wanted to be.
Falcon dumping my mothers ashes in the ocean. It was a beautiful night.

The next few days I took great joy in watching all of my children play at the beach and collect shells I felt as if my mother was there with us, and happy to see the children playing with such joy.

A week after I was back I happened to be at Walmart and was looking for  collage frame to put pictures of the beach in to add to our ocean themed living room and I came across this frame.

I almost cried! This was my mothers favorite quote
I haven't added beach pictures to it yet, but what more perfect way could I display our beach trip than to  put in a frame with my mothers favorite quote since this was the day we placed her ashes in the water at her favorite place in the world.

Okay back to homeschooling.

Art studies: Monet

Robin studying a Monet painting

Math: Robin working on Calvert grade 1 Falcon almost at the end of TT Pre Algebra
Science: Botany
History: The Silk Road

We  are almost back to our routine of schooling. We take daily nature walk with our neighbor who also has 4 home schooled kids. Check out what we found on our walk this week. A beautiful Cicada. It was still alive but was injured and couldn't seem to fly. Robin flipped out when the cicada started flapping its wing madly while she was holding it.

We worked on some stained glass projects at our museum and looked at the new glass exhibit. It was just some thick clear plastic framed with painters tape that they painted on with a white glue acrylic paint mixture. I love how they turned out.


Jenni Ryan said...

What a beautiful moment and post. I'm so glad you had such a beautiful time there and the frame is awesome! Lovely post and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Sharla said...

Those are great stained glass projects!

I'm sorry that you lost your mom. I'm sure that even though it was four years ago, the pain is still fresh!

Emmalee I. Hoggatt said...

Such a touching moment. Brought tears to my eyes. I am lucky to still have both of my parents but my husbands mother passed 4 years ago this week. My heart aches with yours even though we know that God is great!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

I'm sorry that your mom passed, but what a precious experience for you and Falcon to experience together! And that frame...that has to be more than coincidence!