Friday, June 1, 2012

Wonder Woman,Frogs & Photography

In our homeschool week...
Well we are on a 2 week break right now so there has been very little formal education but learning always happens in our house. Robin started reading chapter books all of her own this week and has been staying up late in her bed sneaking in some reading. I am proud of her for reading chapter books that I haven't stopped her and have just let her read until she falls asleep.
She has read through at least 6 Wonder Woman Chapter books in the last week. I LOVED Wonder Woman as a kid so I was super excited that she likes her too!

Our tadpoles finally turned in to tiny frogs the kids were so excited. So were all the neighborhood kids who have been watching them closely as well.

In My life this week...
I got back into photography and did an old friends pictures it was the first time I ever photographed a male. In the past I usually did modeling portfolio stuff for woman. Here are a few of my favorites that I took.
A full color shot

The Sepia toned one is not my favorite but it seemed to be the most popular on his FB page. I am not happy with the shadows and such in the picture. This are all raw un edited except for the tone change I don't have the photo editing software I used to have but I will in the next few weeks so I can do some fun stuff to his pictures.

Whats cooking...
Well not a whole lot, we bought a masticating juicer so we have been doing a lot of juicing. Next week we will be starting week 1 of a 3 week juice fast to detox our bodies. I am going to be one hungry girl !


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Actually I like the Sepia toned photo the best too. For some reason it seem more "story telling" and interesting. It's only a little dark for me, but otherwise it's my favorite! LOL

Chareen said...

Hello I'm back and loved your photo's :)

Juice Fast ?? Must be that time of the year. I have just been looking into Reboot your Life. Have you heard of it ? I am not so sure I could handle green juice ...

We just got a SLR camera and I am learning photography. I came accross Digital Photo School. Have you seen it ?

What programme do you usually use to edit in raw ?